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    Since established in 2007, BFT Fitness has been dedicated to creating fitness solutions that benefit gyms,clubs,schools,family,heath center and army. Our mission is to create a happy,healthy and safe gym amusement paradise.

    Development Path

    • ISO 9001

      ISO 9001. QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CERTIFICATE, Environmental Management System Certificate, Occupational Health And Safety Management System

      background 2018
    • Intelligent spinning bikes and smart treadmill

      In2017,More than 4 new Intelligent spinning bikes and 2 new Intelligent treadmills hit the market.BFT fitness now change to do gym established and operations.During the further 10 years,BFT fitness ready to open more than 200 chains of gym around the world...

      background 2017
    • BFT Fitness Show Room

      In 2017,BFT expanded its scale to create two super luxury fitness equipment exhibition halls of 6000 square meters, Strength trainer showroom, cardio equipment showroom, smart fitness equipment area, providing a full set of high-quality gym equipment and creating intelligent equipment for the gym.

      background 2017
    • BFT Fitness Equipment Co.,Ltd

      In 2017, BFT fitness equipment company changed the size of large and medium-sized enterprises from small enterprises to 15,000 square meters industrial park. BFT fitness Manufacture plant area of 10000 square meters, automated production line, advanced machinery,annual sales of 60 million, exported to more than 60 countries around the world

      background 2017
    • digital Gym Equipment

      In2016, Its BFT fitness equipment company digital age, treadmill and exercise bike have been put android system.Intelligent and high-tech bring bft fitness gym machine new life.

      background 2016
    • BFT Fitness Patents

      In 2015, BFT fitness equipment company owns 4patents of the company.

      background 2015
    • BFT Fitness Exhibition

      In 2014, BFT fitness equipment company participated in the Canton Fair

      background 2014
    • Synrgy360 System For Gym

      In2014,Small group training get more and more popular,based on USA Synrgy360,BFT fitness equipment company make one series group training Multi-function.

      background 2014
    • Hammer strength machine

      In2013 ,Hammer strength and cycle training machine have been produced.Till now,BFT fitness has serviced more than 2000gyms.

      background 2013
    • spinning bikes

      In2012,The first solid and professional gym spinning bike be put into market after more than 2years sample and testing.The first year, the spinning bike has been used in more than 500gyms.

      background 2012
    • commercial treadmill

      In 2011,BFT fitness Manufacturer production base enlarge to more than 8000quare meters,three times than before,and the first commercial treadmill has been put into the market.

      background 2012
    • Gym equipment showroom

      In2011,BFT fitness equipment company expanded its scale to create two luxury fitness equipment showroom of 3,000 square meters,One is strength machine showroom another one is cardio machine area. We focus on providing full set of top quality fitness equipment.300 sets High-end Designed Models Ready for Checking.

      background 2011
    • global market

      In 2010, BFT fitness equipment company sales performance reached 22 million, and it exported to 16 million countries in Europe and America.

      background 2010
    • exercise bike

      In 2009,Load plated series and 3000series strength machine have been put into market,will go on to become the most popular strength line in the world.

      background 2009
    • strength machine

      In 2008,BFT fitness equipment company started with the first series-2000series strength machine design,production and testing.2000series design come from Italy,and more an more popular by all the world people.

      background 2008
    • BFT Fitness workshop

      In 2008,own more than 2000gyms, let BFT fitness equipment company find a unlimited business opportunities. The first production base covers an area of 3000square meters,and the introduction of multiple fitness equipment production equipment.

      background 2008
    • show room

      In 2007, BFT fitness equipment company built a showroom of fitness equipment which 1000 square meter. including treadmills, spinning bikes, exercise bikes, elliptical machines, steppers and other aerobic equipment, as well as a complete set of gym for strength equipment.

      background 2007
    • office

      On May 8, 2007,Located in GuangZhou,the second biggest international city in China, and created the brand "BFTFITNESS".

      background 2007


    Our mission at BFT Fitness is to develop the fitness solutions that get the world moving.Life need move,urban modernization making people free exercise area small and small, environment worse and worse,disease serious damaging people's health,no matter you want health or you want have a new gym club business, don't hesitate to join us.BFT Fitness only do one thing,that is to make world become beautiful and health.

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