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    BFT-7002 Pec Fly Gym Machine
    Pec Fly

    New Style Gym equipment wholesale/sports equipment guangzhou gym/pec fly
    High Quality PEC FLY Fitness Equipment,commercial gym equipment,Gym Machine
    Body fit Rear Delt/Pec Fly machine/delt fly machine

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    First of all, thank you very much for purchasing this unit.For the sake of your health and safety, please follow the coach’s instruction, select correct postures and appropriate weight resistance,and make a reasonable training program prior to exercise. Please carefully read this manual prior to using the unit. We assume that you have read it when you are using it.
    Please fill out the warranty card and well retain it with receipt forquality after-sales service.This manual may be modified along with improvement of the machine and we’ll not give further notice about it. It should be well retained sothat you can read it at any time.



    Pec Fly Gym Machine


    Scientific design brings reasonable structure, simplified and generous look to the unit while quality rectangular tubes used for frame are wellwelded and assembled to bring safety and durability.The movement trajectory complying with the principle of ergonomics and scientifically distributed quality steel cables bring high degree of comfort and safety.
    Shroud perfectly protects users from weight plates and further enhances usage safety.High-end bearings used for links bring smoother movements.Reasonably designed handgrips with high degrees of comfort make it easy for the users to exert themselves and then bring smoother movements.


    Unit dimensions: 1505×1245×1650 mm
    Unit weight: 217KG
    1. Read all warnings and notices prior to using the equipment.
    2. Adjust the seat height using the adjustment lever located at the front of the seat. Sit straight with your back against the back cushion.
    3. Insert selector pin into weight stack at a suitable resistance level.
    4. Grasp handgrips with both hands and push them forward till both arms are straightened.
    5. Pause for a moment, and then return to the starting position slowly. Repeat the movement.


    Regular maintenance must be implemented for safe use. Inspect parts such as steel cables, pulleys and links for abrasion periodically.
    Special attention should be paid to easy-worn parts.
    If any damaged part, suspend the machine and replace it immediately.
    Maintenance should be carried out according to the table below.


    This manual aims to make the assembly easier. Please read the following instructions prior to assembling the unit.
    1. Verify that there's adequate space surrounding this piece of equipment for safe access and operation prior to assembling it.
    2. Open the carton, take out the parts and remove all packing materials. Classify all parts and tidily put them on vacant floor.
    3. Tighten all screws in case of slack; do not loosen any one unless it’s required.
    4. Assure that the unit gets assembled with all the parts according to assembly steps.
    5. It requires at least two persons.


    1. This unit is only intended for organizations with training areas such as sport associations, clubs and educational establishments, where the usage is regulated and controlled by designated person.
    2. This unit can only be used by qualified members who are accepted strictly according to certain rules on items such as ages, occupations, health condition, etc. Operations against the regulation are prohibited!
    3. This unit must be used under the supervisions of a coach in caseof any safety accident.
    4. Children must be kept away from the unit in case of severe injury or even permanent disability.
    5. Injury to health may result from incorrect or excessive training,please consult the coach to select proper weight resistance and exercise duration.
    6. Please select an appropriate weight resistance and starting position (e.g. Adjust seat position) prior to exercise.
    7. Check if all set screws are tightened and whether handrails are well fastened prior to use. Otherwise, using it is prohibited in case of any safety accident.
    8. For any fault with weight stack, guide rod or any other mechanical part, please contact professional to fix it immediately in case of accident as weight stack may fall off.
    9. Adjust steel cables to proper lengths, and make sure they are well connected and move smoothly without any twist. Regular inspection must be implemented to avoid any error. If any problem, it must be solved by professionals instantly.
    10. Do not return to the starting position too quickly in case of any damage to the weight plates, instead, you must slow down when getting near.
    11. No touching steel cables or any moving parts during exercise in case of injury to fingers.
    12. Cardiac patients and children under 12 are prohibited from usingthe machine.
    13. This unit is in compliance with EN 957-2.
    14. The maximum user weight is 150kg (330lbs).
    15. This unit must be located stably with a clearance of 2000mm×2000mm maintained around.
    16. This unit is firstly used in training for professionals and secondarily for fitness centers in residential communities and companies.
    17. Please stop immediately and consult a physician if you feel any discomfort or abnormality during exercise.
    18. This unit must be located stably on an even floor in case of slips during use.
    19. This unit must be used in dry room.
    20. Please wear suitable clothes and shoes during exercise.
    21. 5 to 10 minutes of warm-up exercise must be taken prior to exercising on the machine.
    22. Do not have movements beyond the equipment’s function.
    23. Please exercise under the instruction of professional coach.
    24. Please check if the unit is well fastened prior to starting your workout.
    25. Any adjustment to this unit which may interfere with users’exercise is not allowed to be made.


    Technical Specifications

    Name Pec Fly Gym Machine
    Size 1505×1245×1650 mm
    GW -
    NW 217KG
    Weight steel  70kg Q235
    Tube Size 3mm
    Function & Muclse gluteus maximus/lower body muscle
    User Max Bear 150kg
    Fit area Professional gym and club
    Seat color red, brown, yellow, black PU/PVC/ leather
    Port GuangZhou HuangPu port
    Packaging Details
    1)wooden case with assemble package
    2) plateform with unassemble package
    3) assemble package with EPE foma and bubble film
    Delivery Detail Stock available within 7 days  , No stock 15days-30days


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