• Design Mission

    Design Mission

    BFT Fitness design mission is create the most suitable gym equipment for the world people,so we intended to make products aesthetically pleasing and functional and economical.

  • Strong Design Team

    Strong Design Team

    Good design come from good design team,BFT Fitness have a strong design team with more than 10 people,all of them have doctor degree or masters degree,also we have a Research Base together with The WUYI University.Also our design team conceptualizes and refines ideas skillfully and quickly.

  • Thoughtful Design

    Thoughtful Design

    Aesthetic design doesnt stand on its own.It requires a framework of functionality.So all of our products we invite all of different countries ,different height and different age people to test it.Every detail is considered in order to design fitness equipment that is inviting to all users.

  • Good at learning from world top design

    Good at learning from world top design

    The world never lack of great design success case.The best way to catch up and over the world best design is to learn from them. So lots of our design come from the top 10 fitness equipment famous brands.All of those famous brand products have been tested and loved by the world people more than 50years.



    Life is good at moving.All the gym equipment simulate people really movements.So the process of movement,exertion and feedback helps create products that are comfortable and effective.



    A range of tests ensure that products move the way the human body is supposed to,and they provide results.The dedicated biomechanics team in fitness studies how people and machines interact.The result is equipment that is inviting to all exercisers.So all of BFT fitness gym equipment will be designed according to different gender,different height,different weight and different age.



    Our mission is provide safety gym equipment to our customers.Maximum Load Test is our important and necessary way to ensure each machine Maximum endurance over our warning use weight in order to guarantee user safety.



    We pay attention to every details so that the products meet the highest global standards and are built to last in any environment. All of our parts no matter rubber parts or hardware parts will be tested life under longtime wear and tear,different temperature by high-tech test equipment before be used in products. Global high quality parts purchase ensure our products quality,lots of our key parts come from USA,German and Japan.



    BFT Fitness products are put through a rigorous testing regimen,which means theyre ready to stand up to rugged use in the busiest of facilities. 1.Endurance test,simulates ten years of wear and tear on equipment in just ten months. 2.Temperature test,products tested arrange from over zero to 200-degree temperature range to ensure its suitable for a wide range of environments. 3.Vibration test, place intense vibrations on the equipment to test its ability to stand up to repeated use by exerc



    High quality begins with our people. We have a rigorous training and examination system for our workers to help us have an experienced and dedicated work force. Our goals is to keep ours expectations higher than customers.



    High-tech production equipment are the key tools to ensure and improve our gym equipment quality. Each year more and more high-tech production equipment have been put into production lines.



    BFT Fitness maintains ISO9001 certification, base on 6S management System- Seiri, Seition, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke and Security to improve products quality and production efficiency.



    100% of our products are been assembled and tested before being deliver to customers. Our rigorous quality control system from production to assemble to package to ship and our quality control team are our strong support to ensure 99% products pass rate.

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