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    Upright Exercise Bikes
    The commercial upright exercise bike simulates being on a road bike and features biomechanically correct positioning for the legs, which limits stress on the knees and joints and provides a comfortable ride.

    BLE201 Exercise Bike Upright Bike

    BFT Fitness Club Exercise Bike Upright Bike

    gym used exercise bike upright bike home trainer exercise bike

    Cardio Fitness Machine/ Cardio Bike for Sale

  • Product Detail
    Details about BE201 BFT Fitness Club Exercise Bike Wholesale Exercise Bike Upright Bike (BLE201) Exercise Bike Upright Bike (BLE201) Upright Bike (BLE201) BUpright Bike For Sale Exercise Bike Upright Bike


  • Display type With regular LCD with backlight computer ”SR6600” -, computer Optional.
    Resistance system With High Power Magnet and Flywheel to get sufficient tension torque and consistent resistance.
    Bearing Top bearing in China
    Handrail  Material: PU foam
    Heart rate sensoring Yes
    Water bottle holder Yes
    Power source 5AA battery
    Pedal Oversized high-strength ABS pedal
    Contact roller Material: fine cast PU; Process: two-step forming
    Dirving system Ribbed belt
    Resistance  With 8-step tension control system,Manualadjustable resistance 

  • Display type LCD with Whilte backlight Display 
    Key control Press-type key (LCD screen)
    Preset program (LED) Calories count down mode; Distance count down mode; Time count down mode.
    Fixed program (LED) P1, P2 , P3 , P4 , P5 , P6 , P7 , P8 ,P9,P10,P11,P12
    Language English
    Readouts Speed”,“Rpm”, “Time”, “Distance”, “Watt”, “Calories”, “Pulse” with “Watt Control”, “heart Rate Control” and special “Recovery” function
    Heart rate monitoring Heart rate sensor is inside fixed handle; it increases precision and makes it suitable for users of all body shapes.
    Heart rate display Heart rate is displayed in real time. After age and weight are input, it effectively helps user to have cardiorespiratory exercise and lose weight when programs like “Fat burn”, “Cardio exercise” or “Target” are running.
    Heart rate range 50~256 (times/min)
    Calories range 0~999 (kcal)
    Distance range 0.00~99.9 (km)
    Time range 0:00~99:59
    Incline range 0~8 grade
    Max user wieght 130kg

  • Length 1090MM 
    Width 600MM 
    Height 1480MM  
    N.W. (Whole unit) 45KG
    G.W. (Whole unit) 50KG

  • Power source External power supply; AC 220V±10% (50Hz/60Hz)
    Power cord AC 250V, 16A
    Overload protector 13A
    Working temperature 0~40℃
    EN957-6 approved.  

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