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    BSE11 exercise bike/spin bike

    Spinning Bike quality spin bike

    commerical body fit spinning bike.Belt Driven Exercise Bike

    new products on China exercise bike gym equipment /spirit fitness equipment

  • Product Detail

  • Housing Completely closed design gives the ABS housing unique shape and characteristics.
    Belt drive Belt drive mode brings less noise ,smoother movements, and makes it lubrication-free.
    Shaft The diameter of thickenedsteel shaft reaches 30mm, so it is not easy  breaks.
    Modular bearing Bearings and shafts are matched more precisely and it’s easier to maintain it and replace ageing parts.
    Crank Specially made cranks are made of steel plates (T=12mm) under high temperature and high pressure.
    Surface: Dip molded PVC (pitted surface/smooth surface)
    Color: Red/Black
    Biomechanical feature It’s suitable for all fitness levels and users with any body shapes (from females with somatotype 5% to males with somatotype 95%)
    Bearing Top heavy-duty bearing in China.
    Imported cast aluminum pedals.
    Specification: 16/9 or M20.
    Saddle/handlebar adjustment system
    Material: all aluminum
    Surface treatment: anodic treatment. (It ensures that it never gets rusty or corroded.).
    Saddle:Taiwan brand
    Transport wheel Integrated PU wheel.
    Resistance system Manually regulated
    Packaging Carton
    Water bottle holder Optional

  • Adjustment
  • Max user weight 130 KG
    Handlebar adjustment range (up/down) 75 MM
    Max handlebar height 1285 MM 
    Saddle adjustment range (up/down) 120 MM 
    Saddle adjustment range (fore/aft) 120 MM 
    Max saddle height 1115 MM

  • Length 1225 MM  (max)
    Width 630 MM 
    Height 1170 MM  (max)
    N.W. 55KG 
    G.W. 60 KG 
    EN-957 approved.  

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