Spinning Bike

Model : BSE-06

BSE-06 is a commercial gym spinning bike, an indoor aerobic exercise bike that can exercise the whole body in the gym. This spinning bike is suitable for anyone from 15 to 50 years old. After exercising, you will consume a lot of energy and sweat a lot. At the same time, it also enhances the strength of your legs, beautifies the lower body shape, and improves the body's oxygen uptake.

♦ Multi-function handlebar, adjustable, professionally dipped, sweat-absorbing and non-slip, thickened tube.

♦ The seat cushion supports up and down adjustment. According to the specific situation, adjust the height of the seat cushion to perfectly adapt to different groups of people.

♦ 20kg (44 lbs) flywheel, electroplating and film, professional waterproof and rust-proof, super durable.

♦ The built-in steel wire rubber transmission belt brings you a smooth and cool transmission experience with zero noise.

♦ A large protective cover is installed above the flywheel to prevent sweat corrosion.

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Technical Specifications

Handlebar PU dipping, can adjust the distance back and forth
Cushion PVC and imported sponge, can adjust the distance back and forth
Flywheel 20KG (44 lbs)
Resistance system Resistance can be adjusted at will, one-button brake
Drive System Built-in steel wire rubber drive belt
Regulating tube Aluminum alloy, adjustable up and down
Crank Conical design, embedded in the shaft to lock, not loose
Foot pad 2 adjustable foot pads
Transport Wheels 2
Max user weight 150KG (330 lbs)
Occupy size (L x W x H) 1100 x 500 x 1100mm (43.3" x 19.68" x 43.3")
Equipment weight GW: 72KG (158.73 lbs)
NW: 66KG (145.5 lbs)

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