Model : BFT-3601

The BFT-3601 Synrgy360L is a 8-Station Multi-Function Crossfit Trainer. It can exercise many muscles in the whole body, and can meet the exercise needs of 8 people at the same time. It is a professional multifunctional fitness equipment for the gym.

Shape Design: The overall design is neat and unified, with a biomechanically wavy pad, a complete protective cover and a roller slide cover.

♦ Weight System: During resistance training sessions, users can easily adjust the resistance incrementally by simply turning a knob.

♦ Motion Characteristics: Adducted and diverging axis motions align with the user's joint motion, ensuring the user feels comfortable and natural within their range of motion.

♦ Fitness sign: Located in a prominent place, it provides users with simple fitness instructions, so that users can exercise correctly.

♦ Protective cover and pulley cover: reduce people's fear of the machine, make the appearance of the equipment more friendly and user-friendly, and attract the attention of all users.

♦ Rugged and durable: The fully welded frame, precision welded joints, and internally lubricated steel cables make the Superior Series even more durable.

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Technical Specifications

Size (L*W*H) 3910*4390*2450mm
Suggested activity area (L*W) 8*8m
GW / NW 1420kg / 1317kg
Configuration 2 Cable Stations Rebounder
Suspension Chin Up Bar
Rock Grip Chin Up Bar
Boxing Bag Connector
Power Pivot
8 Accessory Storage Shelves
4 U-Link Adjustment Columns
2 Battle Rope Attachments
Step-Up Platform
Dip Handle
Included Accessories 2 TRX Suspension Trainers / 2 Short Handles / 2 Long Handles / 1 DAP Training Belt / 1 Synrgy360 Power Pivot Bar
Optional Accessory Package Contains 2pcs Dual Handle Covered Bands - Medium
2pcs Dual Handle Covered Bands - Extra Heavy
2pcs Looped Covered Bands - Heavy
2pcs Looped Covered Bands - Extra Heavy
1pc Battle Rope
2pcs Looped Covered Bands - Extra Heavy
1pc Jump Rope
2pcs Kettlebell Weight:15lb(8kg),20lb(12kg),30lb(16kg),40lb(20kg)
Medicine ball: 1-4lb(2kg),3-6lb(3kg),3-8lb(4kg),3-10lb(5kg),2-12lb(6kg)
Power Pivot Urethane Plates:1-5lb(2.5kg) , 2-10lb(5kg) , 1-25lb(10kg)
2pcs TRX Rip Trainers

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