Leg Extension / Curl

Model : BFT-M04

BFT-M04 is a lady seated leg extension / curl trainer. Can exercise quadriceps, biceps femoris, gastrocnemius. It is a professional strength fitness equipment for women's gym.

This machine reproduces flexion and extension movements of the knee, involving agonistic and antagonistic muscles.

♦ Handles: The handle is not heat-absorbing material, abrasion resistance,tear resistance of the hot extruded rubber compound.

♦ Seat: Easy to use for all. The shaped seat, inspired by automotive design, guarantees stability and comfort during exercise.

♦ Durability and Quality: Very strict stress tests guarantee durability for more than one million cycles. The tubolar frame diameter measures 100mm and is 2.5mm thick providing stability and durability to the product.

♦ Easy to Move: Many Franchisees are women and do not want to move heavy machines. Each machine is equipped an integrated wheel system that makes it easy to move.

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Technical Specifications

Size (L*W*H) 1360*830*1560mm
GW 67kg
NW 56kg
Max Plate Bear 250kg
Tube Size 90*40*2.5mm
Function & Muclse leg extension / leg curl machine
User Max Bear 200kg 
Fit area Professional gym and club
Seat color red, brown, yellow, black PU/PVC/ leather
Port GuangZhou HuangPu port
Packaging Details
1) wooden case with assemble package
2) plateform with unassemble package
3) assemble package with EPE foma and bubble film
Delivery Detail Stock available within 7 days  , No stock 15days-30days

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