Standing Pull Down

Model : BFT-2042

The BFT-2042 is a commercial standing pull-down trainer. Numerous upper body exercises are available, especially for the lats. Pull the bar down as you practice. Depending on the grip position, the practitioner can stand to work the trunk muscles and arm muscles. The weight bag imparts resistance, allowing the proper load to be adjusted to each individual's needs.

♦ The new crossbar has a better grip to help practitioners grasp correctly.

♦ User-friendly roller adjustment system.

♦ Stability of the shoulder joint.

♦ Improves muscle imbalance in the arm.

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Technical Specifications

Muscles Worked Latissimus dorsi
Major Muscle Training Rhomboid, Deltoid, Brachioradialis, External Oblique
Secondary Muscle Training Hip flexors, rectus abdominis
Size (L x W x H) 740 x 680 x 2250mm (29.13" x 26.77" x 88.58")

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