Leg Extension & Seated Leg Curl

Model : BFT-3066

BFT-3066 is a commercial seated leg extension & seated leg curl trainer. It is a special product for training the back muscles of the legs and the quadriceps. Classic Life Fitness shape design, the gantry is in the shape of an n, which highlights the elegance of Life Fitness and is most suitable for Asians.

Sit in a guided trajectory, bend your knees, and exercise the muscles in the back of your legs without touching your lower back. Practice in a sitting position according to the guided trajectory, bend and stretch the knees, exercise the muscles of the front legs , and do not touch the waist. The weights impart resistance, allowing the proper load to be adjusted to each individual's needs.

♦ The seat cushion and the back cushion form a 100-degree angle, allowing the user to increase the comfort during exercise and assist in contracting the quadriceps without being restricted by the flexibility of the hamstrings.

♦ The design of the armrests on both sides can increase the stability of the user.

♦ Back pads, shin pads and exercise range can be easily adjusted while sitting.

♦ Prevention and care of knee joint and muscle problems.

♦ Improves muscle elasticity and leg function.

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Technical Specifications

Material Qualification Main tube: SPHC high-quality steel, thickness 2.5-3.0mm, with quality inspection report;
Seamless tube: cold drawn steel Q235;
Guide Rod: Hardened chrome plated rod and stainless steel.
Processing method All pipes and plates are cut by automatic laser cutting; welding is done by automatic fixture welding machine to ensure accurate angle and beautiful connection.
Surface treatment process Using physical high-pressure sandblasting process, environmental protection, degreasing and rust removal, and increasing surface adhesion.
Surface spray process The car-type powder spraying and baking method is used, two electrostatic powder spraying, and two high temperature baking paint at 200 degrees Celsius.
Main tube D-type tube 114*57.5*3.0mm, flat oval tube 80*40*3.0mm
Gantry frame Rear cover: 3mm thick steel plate punched into a mesh cover;
Front cover: ABS material;
Head cover: PP material, consistent open mold forming
Hand Grips Aluminum alloy material with a diameter of 32mm, with aluminum alloy decorative covers at both ends
Load box Completed by POM material CNC lathe, polished and formed, the wire groove is smooth and wear-resistant, and the maximum working load is 220 KG
Instruction icon Size: 650*280mm; Material: PVC;
Product instruction icon, detailing product training parts, operating instructions and precautions
Load accessories Stainless steel guide rod: diameter 25*1.5mm;
Pulley: Hardened integrated PP pulley or aluminum alloy;
Steel wire rope: 7-core imported steel wire with an inner diameter of 5.8mm, the maximum use load is 220 KG
Counterweight device Guide Rod:With magnetic aluminum alloy head;
Weight Stack:Cold drawn steel Q235 with cushion
Seat/Back Cushion Three-layer material structure, bottom iron plate, open mold silicone pad, imitation ground PU/PVC leather
Training Cushions Dip molding of natural rubber or CPU and iron core
Cushion adjustment Double-sided 4-lever adjustment plate and two-way air lever device
Bearings Luoyang LYC or imported high-speed bearings
Muscles Worked Quadriceps muscles, Back of leg
Major Muscle Training Hamstrings | Gastrocnemius
Size (L x W x H) 1470 x 960 x 1640mm (57.87" x 37.79" x 64.56")
GW / NW 272 / 262KG (599.65 / 577.61 lbs)
Weight Stack Standard weight: 60KG (132.27 lbs)
Maximum weight: 100KG (220.46 lbs)

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