Cable Crossover

Model : BFT-3026

BFT-3026 is a commercia cable crossover trainer. It is a gym professional multi-functional strength fitness equipment for exercising the upper chest muscles, pectoralis major, deltoid muscles, biceps, triceps and other muscles of the whole body.

Stand between two posts while practicing. The counterweights of the high and low cables connecting the two columns provide resistance, and various accessories and handles can be attached to the cables for easy operation.

Regardless of impact or thermal shock, the safe use of the product is guaranteed. Rope technology makes movement smoother, safer and more effective. Adjustable pulleys can be set to a variety of different training heights to meet a variety of training needs.

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Technical Specifications

Size (L x W x H) 4200*705*2260mm
GW 385KG
NW 368KG 
Weight steel  120kg Q235
Tube Size 122*107*25mm / 50*100*25mm
Function & Muclse upper body muscle
User Max Bear 150kg
Fit area Professional gym and club
Seat color red, brown, yellow, black PU/PVC/ leather
Port GuangZhou HuangPu port
Packaging Details
1) wooden case with assemble package
2) plateform with unassemble package
3) assemble package with EPE foma and bubble film
Delivery Detail Stock available within 7 days  , No stock 15days-30days

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