Cable Crossover

Model : BFT-3083

The BFT-3083 is a luxury commercia cable crossover trainer. It is a gym professional multi-functional strength fitness equipment for exercising the latissimus dorsi, deltoid, rhomboid, trapezius, biceps, infraspinatus, brachioradialis and other whole body muscles.

Stand between two posts while practicing. The counterweights of the high and low cables connecting the two columns provide resistance, and various accessories and handles can be attached to the cables for easy operation.

Regardless of impact or thermal shock, the safe use of the product is guaranteed. Rope technology makes movement smoother, safer and more effective. Adjustable pulleys can be set to a variety of different training heights to meet a variety of training needs.

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Technical Specifications

Exercise muscle parts backside,shoulder,deltoid,soleus,chest
Tube size 60*120*3mm ovel tube
Tube materia Q235 Steel, stainless, aluminium alloy
Painting color shiny black, mat black, grey silver, white, red,yellow
Cushion color brown,red,orange,black,green,wine red,yellow,blue
Cushion material PU&PVC*Leather
Pedal area material PU foam&rubber mat&aluminium alloy
Hardware parts material: stainless, electroplated part,copper
Rubber parts material varubber mat&Pu foam&PVC
Machine size (L x W x H) 4200*700*2350mm
Surface finishing technology Steel sand polish tube,remove rust and oil, two times electrostatic powder spraying process
Guide rod and axle tree solid chrome bar and high quality axle tree imported from japan
function cable crossover, assit up and down, biceps and triceps

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