New Commercial Treadmill

Model : BCT-16 / BCT-16S

BCT16 commercial treadmill is a new gym professional treadmill launched by our Bftfitness, with professional shock absorption and flexible knee pads, allowing users to enjoy sports and have a new fitness experience.

♦ The fuselage adopts a high-strength integral steel frame structure.

♦ The 17" TFT Touch Screen supports playing music and videos, and has a built-in running mode that imitates real scenes.

♦ 1500(L) x 600(W)mm (59.05" x 23.62") oversized running platform with shock-absorbing pads to protect your knees and ankles, stable and quiet.

♦ The maximum weight a user can bear during exercise is 200KG (440 lbs), and it supports 0-20% incline. It is a professional treadmill for the gym.

♦ Powerful AC motor (maximum 7HP, stable 3HP), bring you a quiet running experience. Top speed is 20 km/h(12 mph).

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High-quality body

The treadmill body adopts a high-strength overall steel frame structure, which has good stability and reliability, and can meet the needs of professional gyms and clubs.

Immersive large touch screen

The treadmill has an 17" TFT Touch Screen, high-definition screen display, convenient touch, reasonable layout of screen display content, easy to understand, support for audio and video playback.

Oversized running platform

The treadmill has a 1500(L) x 600(W)mm (59.05" x 23.62") oversized running platform and a 3.2mm diamond pattern non-slip running belt, and high-strength pedal edge, making running safer, more comfortable and smoother.

Excellent running board

The treadmill has an excellent running board with built-in professional shock absorption device, which reduces the impact of exercise on the knee, Achilles tendon and ankle, and ensures the sustainability of elasticity.The maximum weight a user can support during exercise is 200KG (440 lbs).

Larger drum diameter

The treadmill has 100mm high-precision ultra-thick commercial rollers with aluminum alloy pulleys, lower consumption, better heat dissipation, and longer life.

High-strength motor

Powerful AC motor (maximum 7HP, stable 3HP), bring you a quiet running experience. The daily running time can reach 20 hours, and the service life can reach 10 years. Top speed is 20 km/h(12 mph).

Multi-ribbed belt automatic stagflation

The multi-ribbed belt device connecting the main motor and the drum can automatically stagnate, so that the motor and the drum can always maintain a reasonable scientific distance, so that the soles of the feet will not experience unsafe phenomena such as gouging or jamming, so that every step can be run with confidence steady.

More professional, good quality inverter

China's first-line brand inverter, the first safety guard of the main motor, has a lifespan of 8-10 years, and is the standard configuration of commercial treadmills.

More training mode options

The treadmill can be freely switched between 0-20% incline, 1-4% belongs to the basic mode, 4-9% belongs to the enhanced mode, 10-13% belongs to the climbing mode, and 14-20% belongs to the climbing mode. Mountaineering mode allows users to choose more training modes according to their preferences and physical fitness.


Technical Specifications

Screen 17" TFT touch screen;
LED multi-window screen
Body structure Q235 steel, high-strength overall steel frame structure
Heart rate sensor Inlaid design, never falling off
Motor AC 3.0HP (7.0HP Peak)
Inverter Voltage: 220V ~ 240V (Please consult us for other voltages)
Frequency: 50 - 60Hz
Rollers Diameter 78mm (3.07"), high precision
Running surface 1500(L) x 600(W)mm (59.05" x 23.62")
Running board high density elastic compression resistance
Refueling way Automatic or Manual (optional)
Maximum User Weight Stand still: 600KG (1322 lbs)
In exercise: 200KG (440 lbs)
Speed range 1 - 20 km/h (0.6 - 12.4 mph)
Incline range 0 - 20%
Occupy size 2030(L) x 950(W) x 1570(H)mm (79.92" x 37.4" x 61.81")
Shipping size 2100(L) x 1000(W) x 470(H)mm (82.67" x 39.37" x 18.5")
Wooden box packaging
Equipment weight GW: 225KG (496.04 lbs)
NW: 177.5KG (391.32 lbs)



Screen 17" TFT Touch Screen LED multi-window screen
Language Chinese and English English
Media player Support MP3, MP4, AVI and MPG formats. NO
Built-in HDTV Digital TV signal, HD TV signal, Cable TV signal. NO
Sports mode Distance Mode, Calorie Mode, Time Mode, Manual Mode Distance countdown mode, Calorie countdown mode, Time countdown mode
Exercise program 8 fixed programs, 3 user-defined programs
Display Readouts Time, Calories, Distance, Heart Rate, Incline, Speed
Heart rate monitoring Hand-held heart rate sensor, high accuracy, real-time display
Heart rate display range 50 - 256 (times/min)
Calories display range 0 - 999 (kcal)
Distance display range 0 - 99.9 (km)
Time display range 00:00 - 99:59
Speed display range 1 - 20 (km/h)
Incline display range 0 - 20%

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