Rowing Machine

Model : BCE-500

The BCE-500 is a commercial magnetic resistance rowing machine. Rowing is an excellent cardio and strength training exercise that works on several major muscle groups. Rowing fully burns fat, drives arms, thighs, abdomen, buttocks and other movements, drives away excess fat, and enjoys sweating profusely.

♦ Magnetic flywheel power upgrade, quiet and undisturbed.

♦ Aluminum alloy one-piece track, slides and non-contact magnetic resistance, which will make workouts silent and smoother.

♦ Professional sports pedals, with non-slip texture on the board surface, safe and non-slip, ergonomic design can be flexibly rotated up and down to adjust the comfort, suitable for different heights and popularity.

♦ The LCD provides real-time workout data, and users can easily monitor each data.

♦ The lateral movement in the sitting position will not put pressure on the knee joint due to long-term gravity, and effectively protect the knee and ankle. Avoid sports injuries, tailor-made for the body type.

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Technical Specifications

Screen With regular LCD with backlight computer "SM5878-64", computer Optional
Resistance System With High Power Magnet and Flywheel to get sufficient tension torque and consistent resistance.
Resistance level 16
Pedals Oversized high-strength ABS pedal
Transport Wheels 2
Folding structure NO
Max user weight 150 KG (330 lbs)
Occupy size (L x W x H) 2340 x 520 x 950mm (92.12" x 20.47" x 37.4")
Equipment weight GW: 60 KG (132.27 lbs)
NW: 55 KG (121.25 lbs)


Display type With regular LCD with backlight computer ” SM5878-64” -, computer Optional
Key control Press-type key (LCD screen)
Preset program (LED) Calories count down mode; Distance count down mode; Time count down mode.
Fixed program (LED) P1, P2 , P3 , P4 , P5 , P6 , P7 , P8 ,P9,P10,P11,P12
Language English
Readouts Speed”,“Rpm”, “Time”, “Distance”, “Watt”, “Calories”, “Pulse” with “Watt Control”, “heart Rate Control” and special “Recovery” function
Heart rate monitoring Heart rate sensor is inside fixed handle; it increases precision and makes it suitable for users of all body shapes.
Heart rate display Heart rate is displayed in real time. After age and weight are input, it effectively helps user to have cardiorespiratory exercise and lose weight when programs like “Fat burn”, “Cardio exercise” or “Target” are running.
Heart rate range 50~256 (times/min)
Calories range 0~999 (kcal)
Distance range 0.00~99.9 (km)
Time range 0:00~99:59
Incline range 0~16 grade

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