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    BFT-2049 Prone Leg Curl Machine For Sale
    Prone Leg Curl

    Commercial Gym Sport Fitness Equipment Horizontal Lying Prone Leg Curl Machine
    Commercial Use Sport Goods Multi-Function Gym Lying Prone Leg Curl Extension Machine
    Prone Leg Curl Machine /Lying Leg Curl Exercise Equipment /Factory Wholesale Commercial Strength Equipment

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    BFT2049 Prone Leg Curl Machine For Sale

    Prone Leg CurlLying Leg CurlLying Leg Curl machine
    Lying Leg Curl is Best For
    Main muscles: biceps femoris (short head), hamstrings (semimembranosus, semitendinosus, long head of the biceps femoris)
    Secondary muscles: gracilis, sartorius, gastrocnemius, popliteus

    Antagonists: quadriceps
    Action: Exhaling, contract your hamstrings and pull your heels up and back in a wide arc until the bar comes into contact with your lower gluteals (maximum range of motion) or until your knee joint reaches 90 degrees of flexion. Hold for one count at the top of the movement. Inhale as the weight is lowered in a controlled movement to the starting position.

    Product Detail
    Weight stack and guide rod   ●Weight stack and guide rod

    Solid high quality steel counterweight, user can choose different size from 5kg to 150kg accordingly, the size increase by 5kg each. The upper and lower ends of the counterweight is equipped with durable cushion. Using solid stainless steel guide rod, compression, distortion does not rust. Using magnetic latch and fixed to the machine above, to prevent loss.

      Adjust handle Adjust handle

    The handle is equipped with aluminum wheels to prevent slippage in the grip of. The handle is not heat-absorbing material, abrasion resistance, tear resistance of the hot extruded rubber compound.

    Frame Instruction   ●Frame Instruction

    Steel frame to ensure optimum structural integrity, Standard rubber feet protect the base frame, In order to ensure the best adhesion and durability each frame surface is dealed with electrostatic spray.

      Adjustable Adjustable

    2.5 mm PVC or PU leather, eight kinds of colors option, Pretty striae, wearable Leather surface, high tear strength, never fade.

    Adjustment   ●Rubber cover with Fitness sticker

    With clear instructions, fitness sticker use illustrations to easy to explain the correct use of the muscles and training. All the covers made from high quality soft rubber, durable, no deformation.

    Technical Specifications

    Name BFT-2049 Prone Leg Curl Machine
    Size 1725*1100*1530mm 
    GW 236kg
    NW 226kg
    Max Plate Bear 300kg
    Tube Size 122*107*25mm / 50*100*25mm
    Function & Muclse leg
    User Max Bear 150kg 
    Fit area Professional gym and club
    Seat color red, brown, yellow, black PU/PVC/ leather
    Port GuangZhou HuangPu port
    Packaging Details
    1)wooden case with assemble package
    2) plateform with unassemble package
    3) assemble package with EPE foma and bubble film
    Delivery Detail Stock available within 7 days  , No stock 15days-30days
    OEM/ ODM: Available


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