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    BCT08 Luxury motorized treadmill vision fitness treadmill

    Luxury commercial machine/Gym treadmill /Exercise gym fitness

    Integrally formed heart rate monitor system ensures that the sensor chip is more sensitive and never slips.

    As a classic and best-selling treadmill, the overall unit creates an atmosphere of sports; dynamic and fashion styling, rich configuration and exquisite workmanship, make it the first choice for customers when selecting cardio equipment.
    1. Easy and convenient application of heart rate sensor during workout helps users to keep having aerobic exercise, optimize fat burning and increase calorie consumption.
    2.1540*560mm wide running area make running freely,smoothly and saftly.
    3.Thickened contact roller (Φ=100mm) passes high-accuracy dynamic balance test and brings low noise and long service life to the unit.
    4. 4.0mm thickness lawn belt,famous brand-Sigeling Running belf from german,durable,Skid and Self-cleaning.
    5.The static load capacity of high-strength running board (25T) reaches 600kg; it ensures your safety during exercise.
    6.Auto Lubrication; Auto motor belt tighten; Auto running belt tighten

  • Product Detail
  • BCT08 Luxury motorized treadmill vision fitness treadmill

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  • LED display screen 15.6" ; multi-window display
    Console upright Steel frame weldment
    Lateral sliding rail Hardened high-strength PVC
    Sliding rail Hardened high-strength PVC (grey color)
    Heart rate sensor chip Injection molded; never slips.
    Running belt 560mm wide and 40mm thickness Germany Imported Running Belt with automatic pulling tightly system
    Motor Belt Automatic pulling tightly motor belt
    Running board High-strength, 25T,25mm thick, max static load capacity: 600kg
    Running roller 100mm  diameter of roller
    Inverter Made in TaiWan (advanced configuration)
    Water bottle holder Personal belongings can be put here.
    Lubrication PLC control self lubrication system
    Elevator motor
    High Quality imported Elevator motor      
    Voltage: 220V~240V
    Speed: 1475r/min
    Frequency: 50Hz
    Output power: 60W
    Insulation: grade A
    Main motor
    more whistle AC motor  
    Rated power: 3.0HP (2200W)
    Max power: 7.0HP (5100W)
    Transport wheel Yes
    Speaker High fidelity sound net

  • Display type 15.6" LED
    Touch control When a key is pressed, it produces the sound along with a lick.
    Preset program (LED) Calories count down mode; Distance count down mode; Time count down mode.
    Fixed program (LED) P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7, P8.
    Language Chinese/English
    WiFi No
    MP3 Yes
    iPad No
    Readouts Time, Distance, Calories, Power, Heart rate, Speed.
    Heart rate monitoring Heart rate sensor is inside fixed handle; it increases precision and makes it suitable for users of all body shapes.
    Heart rate display Heart rate is displayed in real time. After age and weight are input, it effectively helps user to have cardiorespiratory exercise and lose weight when programs like “Fat burn”, “Cardio exercise” or “Target” are running.
    Heart rate range 50~256 (times/min)
    Calories range 0~999 (kcal)
    Distance range 0.00~99.9 (km)
    Time range 0:00~99:59
    Speed range 1.0~18.0 (km/h)
    Incline range 0~18%
    Max user wieght 160kg

  • Length 2230mm
    Width 930mm
    Height 1610mm
    Running surface 560mm*1540mm
    Running belt 560mm (Width)
    N.W. (Whole unit) 180KG
    G.W. (Whole unit) 296KG 
    G.W. (Console) 46KG 
    G.W. (console excluded) 250KG 
    Package Size
    Package Material wooden case

  • Power source External power supply; AC 220V±10% (50Hz/60Hz)
    Power cord 16A  AC 250V
    Overload protector 13A
    Working temperature 0~40℃
    EN957-6 approved.  

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