Pec Fly/Rear Delt

Model : BFT-A03

BFT-A03 is a commercial seated pec fly / rear delt trainer. It is a special product for exercising the pectoral muscles and deltoid muscles. Classic MBH shape design, luxurious and fashionable.

Open and close your arms as you practice by pushing two bars that move independently. Weights impart resistance, allowing the proper load to be adjusted to each individual's needs.

♦ The device enables the separation of the pectoral muscles.

♦ The two arms move independently to increase coordination.

♦ The position of the arm pads allows users of all sizes to obtain a convenient practice position without adjustment.

♦ Increase the stability of the shoulder joint and improve the muscular imbalance of the arm.

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Body fit Rear Delt machine



Scientific design brings reasonable structure, simplified and generous look to the unit while quality rectangulartubes used for frame are wellwelded and assembled to bring safety and durability.The movement trajectory complyingwith the principle of ergonomics and scientifically distributed quality steel cables bring high degree of comfortand safety.

Shroud perfectly protects users from weight plates and further enhances usage safety.High-end bearings used forlinks bring smoother movements.Reasonably designed handgrips with high degrees of comfort make it easy for the usersto exert themselves and then bring smoother movements.



Unit dimensions: 1620mm(L)×1450mm(W)×1995mm(H)
Unit weight: 221kg

1. Read all warnings and notices prior to using the equipment.
2. Adjust the seat height using the adjustment lever located at the front of the seat. Sit straight with your backagainst the back cushion.
3. Insert selector pin into weight stack at a suitable resistance level.
4. Grasp handgrips with both hands and push them forward till both arms are straightened.
5. Pause for a moment, and then return to the starting position slowly. Repeat the movement.

Technical Specifications

Main tube Flat elliptical tube 120*50*3.0mm、100*50*2.5mm & 80*40*2.5mm,round tube 60mm
Gantry frame Rear cover & Front cover: 3mm metal casing;
Head cover: ABS material;
Hand Grips Iron core with diameter of 32mm, outer layer of PU anti-slip gloves, both ends are equipped with aluminum alloy decorative covers
Lifting rod 25mm diameter hard chromium steel
Instruction icon Size: 300*800mm; Material: PVC;
Product instruction icon, detailing product training parts, operating instructions and precautions
Load accessories Stainless steel guide rod: diameter 25*1.5mm;
Pulley: Hardened integrated PP pulley or aluminum alloy;
Steel wire rope: 7-core imported steel wire with an inner diameter of 5.8mm, the maximum use load is 220 KG
Counterweight device Guide Rod:With magnetic aluminum alloy head;
Weight Stack:Cold drawn steel Q235 with cushion & Imitation noise buffer pad
Cushion Three-layer material structure, bottom iron plate, open mold silicone pad, imitation ground PU leather
Seat Flat tube 80*40*2.0mm stainless steel configuration
Bearings Luoyang LYC or imported high-speed bearings
Size 1571*1217*1990mm
GW/NW 320KG/220KG 
Weight steel  80kg Q235
Function & Muclse Pectoralis major, deltoid muscle, triceps brachii, biceps brachii, etc
Fit area Professional gym and club
Seat color red, brown, yellow, black PU/PVC/ leather
Port GuangZhou HuangPu port
Packaging Details
1) wooden case with assemble package
2) plateform with unassemble package
3) assemble package with EPE foma and bubble film
Delivery Detail Stock available within 7 days  , No stock 15days-30days

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