How to use Assist dip chin machine fitness equipment

 BFT Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. professional coach recommended Assist dip chin equipment exercise method:

 The Assist dip chin are an essential part of our fitness training. They can train your latissimus and biceps, the long head of the abdomen, triceps, the deltoid muscles, and even the chest muscles.

 At the same time, it is necessary to have a strong core strength and coordination in order to do a good Assist dip chin.

 There are many variations in the Assist dip chin, and we can help us reduce the difficulty or increase the difficulty with some minor changes! Also stimulate the muscles by changing the angles by different grips (wide and narrow, positive and negative grips)!

 Today I want to introduce a very good Assist dip chin change: hip-type pull-ups.

The action demonstration is as follows:

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 1. The starting position is similar to that of the traditional Assist dip chin, hanging on the horizontal bar and tightening the shoulders!

 2. When slowly Assist dip chin the body, the legs are slowly raised upwards (the hips are bent), and the body is close to a 90-degree angle when the top is actuated!

 3. Then slowly lower the body, while the legs are slowly back down, back to the starting position!

The benefits of doing this:

 1. Avoid the situation of lumbar hyperextension when you Assist dip chin

 Many people will have pelvic anteversion and lumbar hyperextension when they are doing Assist dip chin! In some cases, the arched waist can complement the strength of the latissimus dorsi, but it is the chief culprit in the waist discomfort. Over time, you will feel that when you Assist dip chin, the lower back will be very tight, and serious will cause lower back pain!

 2. Strongly activate your pre-test core muscles! Especially for the activation of the abdominal muscles, it is the peak!


 This is a harder version than the normal Assist dip chin, and try again when you have a certain foundation!

 The action may be limited because your lack of core strength and hamstring flexibility can not straighten your legs, you can choose to bend your knees slightly to move! As these conditions improve, try to straighten your legs!

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