Will the gym return to the level before the COVID-19 pandemic?

As we continue to shake off the COVID-19 pandemic, enterprises are still exploring how to control the world after COVID-19.

BFT Fitness shows you what the gym is doing to attract customers back and how it works.

BFT Fitness takes you to the fitness center to get inside information.

"Are you happy to be back at the gym now?" We asked one of the gym members.

"Well, I must tell you that I'm glad to be back in the gym. You know that this is not only all the cool equipment they have, but also like everyone is healthy," said the member.

"I would say very excited, everyone is in the community, and it is good for everyone to be active and return to routine," said another gym member.

Although the gym was closed due to COVID-19, many people turned to outdoor activities and exercise at home became very popular.

A study by Nielsen shows that Seattle is one of the regions with the largest decline in the number of gym members in large metropolitan areas of the United States, and the number of gym members is still far behind the pre pandemic level.

However, the general manager of fitness has different opinions on this. He said that the members came back and business was booming.

"People really need a place to come back and have a sense of community," said the general manager of fitness.

He said that four of the eight gyms in the Seattle area are for limited use. The other four have been running for 24 hours, and their traffic volume is the largest.

The group courses in the gym also fluctuated.

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