What gym equipment is best for triceps workout

 Most workout for the triceps are single-joint exercises, and all exercises are performed around the arm flexion and extension. Therefore, looking for gym equipment that can flexes and stretches the arm, also can workout the triceps. This article will list the fitness equipment for  triceps exercise.


Seated Triceps Press (BFT-2001)

 Exercise arm muscle strength, especially the specialized product of triceps. Sitting in a sitting position, grab the two rods of independent movements and flex your elbows from top to bottom. The weight bag gives resistance, and the appropriate load can be adjusted according to each person's needs.

 This equipment repeats triceps functional exercises.In practice, the trajectory of the rotation causes the elbows and shoulders to stretch.Two independent levers for alternate stretching and standard stretching.The new handle is free to rotate at a certain angle so that the practitioner can perform natural exercises.Well-developed cam design ensures good load curve.Two independent levers for alternate stretching and standard stretching.

Seated Triceps Press


Smith Machine (BFT-2024)

 Smith Machine is a  multi functional trainer can be used to exercises the upper and lower limbs,includes biceps and triceps. The barbell slides on two tracks perpendicular to the ground. A barbell that provides practice resistance is placed on the barbell.

 1. Place a flat bench under the Smith machine. Adjust the barbell to a suitable height so that you can reach it after you sit down and straighten your arm.

 2. Firmly secure your feet, hold the bar forward with your palms, unlock the barbell from the stand, and fully lift your arm to lift it. This is your initial position.

 3. Slowly lower the bar until it is level with your chin, then use the shoulder to lift the bar back to its original position.

Smith Machine


Upper Limbs Machine (BFT-2026)

 Upper Limbs Machine,actively engaged in offering a premium quality array of Upper Limbs Machine.Grab the handrail while workout, keep your body vertical, place your knee on the booster pad, and pull your body up. The weight bag gives resistance, and the appropriate load can be adjusted according to each person's needs.
Action process.

 1. both hands hold the bar, the two arms supported on parallel bars, the head is upright chest and shoulders, trunk, upper limbs and parallel bars vertical, knees after the lower leg overlapping the ankle joints.

 2. elbow slowly bending, while shoulder flexion, so that the body gradually decreased to the lowest position. Stop for a while, hold your arms firmly to restore.

Upper Limbs Machine


Flat bench (BFT-2029)

 Arm flexion and extension bench press:

 The main exercise parts: triceps, but also exercise pectoralis major muscle, shoulder.

 1. Start this action in the same way as a narrow grip bench press. Straighten your arms, close your elbows, hold a barbell, and lay flat on the stool. However, the arm is not vertical and ensure that the bar is directly above the upper chest. This is the starting position of the action.

 2. Start the action with the arm fully extended. Slowly lower the bar and breathe in, as if doing supine triceps flexion and extension. When you fall to the half, move the upper arm down so that the bar moves forward 2-3 cm until the upper arm is level with the ground.

 3. When you exhale, contract the triceps to push the rod up like you're doing a narrow grip. Return to the starting position.


 1. When moving the upper arm, the elbow keeps bending.

 2. You can use dumbbells to do this action.

Flat bench


Flat Bench with dumbbell and barbell (BFT-2035)

 The Flat Bench has a vertical front leg to reduce tripping. The premium design includes sleek oval tubing and contoured cushions that use molded foam for both comfort and toughness.

 The practice triceps has a boating action similar to that used to practice back muscles, but the action is motionless and action essentials: leaning forward with one hand on the bench, one hand holding the dumbbell to keep the big arm still, Raise the arm to the back and raise it to a line with the arm.

 You can also use the barbell to exercise triceps.

 1. supine barbell strength rear arm flexion and extension

 2. supine and narrow barbell chest forearm flexion and extension

flat bench


Seated Triceps Press Dips Machine (BFT-3008)

 Upper arm strength to increase Triceps . No set-up adjustments and intuitive push-button controls make the triceps press an inviting introduction into strength training. Incremental resistance adjustments allow exercisers to easily measure their progress, which makes it ideal for group or long-term strength training.

 Recommended use:

 ♦ Specially designed arm triceps
 ♦ Elbow stability
 ♦ Improve arm muscle imbalance

triceps press


Vertical Bench (BFT-3028)

 Triceps exercises have various arm flexion and extension such as neck arm flexion and extension, bow body arm flexion and extension, etc., and the comprehensive exercise is narrow force pushing, and these two effective exercises are organically combined and the training effect thereof Better.

 Move: athletes first do neck and arm flexion and extension 6-10 times until fatigue, and then quickly ran to the squat rack before picking up the rack put a good barbell (barbell weight for their own high weight of 60-70%), continuous lifting Until the day starts, these two kinds of exercises are considered a large group. There are 4 groups in total. The triceps will be very swollen. The stimulation will be very deep. As long as the nutrition can keep up with the muscles, it will develop very quickly.

Vertical Bench


Decline Bench (BFT-3032C)

 The decline knee arm flexion and extension is a classic triceps exercise method.Decline Bench | Adjustable Abdominal bench Olympic Flat Bench has a user-friendly design which makes working out more simple, efficient, comfortable and satisfying. The space efficient design requires minimal floor space and rubber grips prevent the equipment slipping and protects the flooring.

 1. Fix your legs on the lower inclined bench and slowly lie on it.

 2. Using a narrow grip, push the lever out of the shelf, arm locked, and elbows in, hanging over the body. The arm is perpendicular to the ground. This is the starting position of the action.

 3. Keep the upper arm fixed and move the forearm to lower the rod in a semi-circular path until it touches the forehead gently. Shrink the triceps and push the rod back to the starting position.

Decline Bench


Four station multifunction equipment (BFT-3082)

 Exercise triceps with ropes

 Upright single arm rope flexion and extension

 Sitting rope alternating arm flexion and extension

Four station multifunction

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