Pakistan's customers visited our BFT fitness equipment company to purchase fitness equipment

 On August 17, 2018, Pakistan's old customers visited our BFT fitness equipment company. Our company has cooperated with this customer for several years. During the negotiation period, customers have leg strength equipment, treadmills, spinning bikes, rowing machines, exercise bikes. Many factors such as product parameters are of great interest. Because of our excellent technology, high quality and perfect after-sales guarantee, our company has always maintained long-term good cooperation with customers.

 Recalling the cooperation between our company and the customer, it is also a matter of twists and turns. Pakistani customers have strict requirements on the quality and performance of fitness equipment. After several screenings, we finally decided to cooperate with our company, from the selection of filter materials to the performance test of finished products. The company specially dispatched technical engineers to track and take responsibility throughout the process.

 In the end, we successfully designed and produced the styles that meet the customer's gym requirements, and carried out long-term and stable cooperation with the customers. This time, the old customers came to our company to inspect and understand. Our company has prepared a large number of intelligent commercial treadmills and commercial spinning bikes. , the new exercise bike, hot-selling strength trainer series and production materials, as well as various production equipment testing equipment, etc., a customer to report in detail, the customer once again very satisfied with our company, expressed the continued cooperation Willingness, signed a cooperation agreement on the spot, and expressed gratitude to our company for its hospitality.

 Since its establishment more than ten years ago, Guangzhou BFT Fitness Equipment Manufactures. has always adhered to high standards and high quality product requirements, not changing its own insistence due to market fluctuations, constantly improving technology, improving product quality, and having a large number of long-term cooperation and stability. Our domestic and foreign customers, our company will never use cheap materials to produce due to market fluctuations, always take the customer's production demand as the first place, insist on providing customers with better experience, improve production efficiency and extend service life. The constant pursuit of products creates more benefits for customers and thus achieves a win-win situation.

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