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Commercial treadmill for BFT-14


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1. Slope 2. Calories
3. Mileage 4. Time
5. Speed 6. Pulse
7. Slope direct selection function 8. Speed direct selection function
9. Slope up 10. Acceleration
11. Slope down 12. Slowdown
13. Start 14. Stop
15. Mode 16. Program Settings
17. Reset 18. Start / Emergency Stop


The adjustment of running belt

 Before shipping the treadmill, the assembly workers and inspectors have adjusted the running belt to the best condition, no deviation phenomenon. But after transport, may cause changes. So, before you use to try to run about, if the deviation occurred, you need to adjust the rear axle adjustment bolts.

 A) Prepare the M12 Allen wrench (randomly assigned), turn on the treadmill, adjust the speed of the treadmill 2-4 km / h, do not let the treadmill run at high speed, prevent running belt and other devices from high speed friction, damage.

 If the running belt is biased to the left, use a wrench to turn the left roller screw (tight) clockwise and turn the right roller screw (relax) counterclockwise until the running belt moves to the middle.


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 If the running belt is biased to the right, turn the left roller screw (relax) counterclockwise with the wrench and turn the right roller screw clockwise until the running belt moves to the middle. 


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 When running, be sure to run in the middle of the running, do not run on the side of the edge or force, free to cause the deviation or make the adjustment failed. When using a treadmill, the weakness of the legs may cause the running belt to deviate from the center. Use the included Allen wrench to adjust the position of the treadmill or force it to the other side.

Running belt lubrication

 After the use of the machine for some time, may feel the running belt lubrication resistance has increased. Cleaning and lubrication is very necessary. Specific methods: with a dedicated treadmill oil tank (pot mouth hose length 20CM above, random distribution) inserted in Figure 2 shows 1 & 2 position, spray about 5-10ML lubricant plate, and then start the treadmill speed 2 - 4 km / H  or so Slowly rolling for a few minutes so that the oil is evenly applied to the running board.

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Usage Frequency:

★ 8 hours a day using the treadmill, half a month to fill the lubricant

★ 4 hours a day using a treadmill, one month filled with lubricant

★ 2 hours a day treadmill, 3 months plus 1 lubricant

Note: 5-10 grams of oil per use. Can not be overused, to prevent friction and tearing force is too small, the running belt and drive roller between the normal use of sliding.

Safety Precautions

1, do not let the treadmill in the unmanned state

2, the wire plug is not close to the heating product.

3, please use a dedicated power circuit, the power plug must be effectively grounded.

4, when you start using the treadmill, you should first confirm the normal function, do not use readmill that it have problem.

5, with bolts to check whether the fastening.

6, while limiting the use of a person.

Suitable Wearing

1.Please wear the right clothes. Do not wear clothes that may hang on any part of the treadmill.

2.the use of treadmills, please wear non-smooth shoes. Do not wear soles or leather. Please check the soles of the dirt and insert the stones, nails to prevent the running belt from being damaged.

Children and Pets

1, most of the sports equipment are not suitable for children too small to use. Do not use this equipment unless there is an adult looking around. In order to ensure safety, keep children away from the treadmill at all times

2, the treadmill has many parts that can be moved. For safety reasons, when in use, so that other people (especially children and pets) to protect this a certain safe distance.

Fault Analysis of Electric Control System

E01 communication error, inverter no return value, or return value is wrong

E02 lift error, lift command feedback error

E03 EM closed

E04 current error, overcurrent

E05 Power supply error, undervoltage

E06 Load error, overload

E07 CE closed

E08 overheating


1, treadmill use voltage for 220V AC, the use of single-phase three holes must be well grounded exit.

2, before running please do ten minutes of warm-up exercise, should wear appropriate sportswear and sports shoes exercise.

3, the upper and lower machines, please use the handrail, began to pedal placed on both sides of the treadmill before the first step on the treadmill set in the low-speed position, and then slowly increase the speed, leaving the treadmill, the first speed to the lowest Limit, so as not to lose balance, causing injury.

4, do not always use emergency security button, that is, the central red button.

5, unplug the power plug after use to ensure safety.

6, children use or close to the treadmill, need adult guardianship.

7, treadmill should avoid the sun. rain. wet. Do not press any defective parts or units on the device.

8, before the exercise, if history, please consult a doctor, if you use the machine practice, more than 20 minutes, should be promptly add enough water.

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