How To Choose A Commercial Spinning Bike For Gym

 How to choose a commercial gym spinning bike. To be honest, there are too many spinning bike brands. It is estimated that many brands have never heard of it. The only way is estimated to be a search on Baidu. Look at Taobao, but you are looking at other people’s advertisements. Want to know how the quality of a spinning bike?

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First, judge from the function of spinning bike.

 The spinning bike function is relatively single, nothing more than a structural difference, mainly divided into a swinging spinning bike and a stationary spinning bike. The swinging kind is about 15-25 degrees left and right tilting, which makes the music more dynamic. However, there are still a few points to note when purchasing:

 1. The handrails of many home spinning bikes can't be adjusted. This kind of cheap fixed type has little effect on the home, but the gym is different. The gymnasium is a commercial use, and the use of the crowd is relatively wide. The hand is short and the body proportion is different. Therefore, the commercial spinning bicycle head handle and the seat can be adjusted up and down in four directions. The height is adjusted up and down, the distance of the car is adjusted back and forth, and the best position is comfortable to sit on.

 2. Some bicycles can only be stepped forward, not reversed, especially some cheap home spinning bikes, while commercial spinning bikes can be stepped forward and backward. I hope everyone pays attention when buying.

 3. The difference between the brakes. Basically, the resistance adjustment is a rotary button. After twisting to a suitable resistance, it starts to step on, but it is impossible to slowly brake to the highest resistance. Therefore, most manufacturers use push-type brakes. Emergency stop. Some of them use picks. These two kinds of emergency stop methods can also be referred to when purchasing.

 4. Noise, the sound of spinning bicycle is mainly the transmission of the chain when stepping on. This kind of chain-type spinning bicycle can avoid a little noise, and the commercial spinning bicycle with belt transmission solves this problem very well. I remember the BSE05 commercial spinning bike that stepped on the BFT Fitness brand. It feels silky smooth when riding, and the experience is too good. The sound is negligible, like a breeze. Of course, if the budget is limited, you can also choose the chain drive. In the gym spinning room, the dynamic music has overshadowed the noise of the chain drive.

 5. Flywheel, when buying, the choice of flywheel size is worth paying attention to. Because the spinning bike operation relies entirely on this flywheel, if the flywheel is not thick enough, then the ride will feel light and insecure, and the fitness effect is not good.

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Second, judge from the price of spinning bicycle brand.

 It is better to ask what price is purchased by spinning bikes. According to the individual's economic situation and budget, the price of spinning bikes of different brands is not the same. There are too many spinning bicycle brands in the market. What Xiaoye, Xiaomo brand believes most friends I have never heard of it. However, among many brands, there are indeed many good brands, such as BFT spinning bike, bftfitness spinning bike, bodyperfect spinning bike, etc. It is quite popular among friends, and the reputation is also very good. And the purchase of these brands of spinning bikes in the after-sales service is also more perfect, compared to the second and third-line brand of spinning bikes is indeed more people to buy assured! Although the price is relatively high, the work is relatively good. Here, we must not blindly believe in foreign brands. In fact, most foreign brands are actually produced and processed in China, and they are all made the same, except that they are labeled with different brands. Therefore, the toilets that Chinese people go to Japan to purchase are actually produced domestically.

 For the ordinary mid-range gym, it is recommended to choose the price of about 2000-3000 yuan, about 4,000 yuan can buy a very good spinning bike. In addition, for a penny, the price of domestic spinning bikes is relatively transparent. If you are a commercial gym club or a high-end club, then it is recommended to choose a foreign brand imported or a domestic brand high-end model. Because these places have a higher rate of spinning bikes, although they spend more money, they can save a lot of money in the future! After all, high-end people like this high-quality product, don't let the fitness equipment drag the gym's hind legs.

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Third, how to judge the quality of spinning bikes.

 Although the spinning bike is mostly the same in appearance, there is a big difference in the manufacturing process, so we must look carefully when purchasing. First of all, we can look at the whole functional layout and color of the spinning bike. Is it suitable for your gym? I recommend going to the physical store to step on and see the stability of the whole car when conditions permit. Then pay attention to the size of the spinning bicycle, which is generally up to 13-25kg, and the recommendation of the gym and club is more than 20kg. For a penny, some cheap flywheels are cemented inside. The better one is cast iron, and the better is pure steel. The Spinning bikes of the BFT Fitness brand are all steel flywheels of 20kg or more. They use a special process and never rust.

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