What Is Curved Treadmill And How To Use It

Curved Treadmill

 In view of the upturned curved treadmill on the treadmill, the runner only needs to control the running speed and state by changing the center of gravity of the body forward or backward. The speed is self-control, and the curved treadmill design effectively improves the comfort of the ankle joint, reduces the joint impact, overcomes the footsteps of passive running and can not keep up with the impact of the running belt on the knee joint, and there is no risk of accidental sudden stop.

Curve Treadmills



Advantages of curved treadmills

Curved Treadmill for sale

1. Self-discipline, no interference

 Aerobic jogging, speed sprint, soothing walking, stop running, runners do not need to touch any buttons, no interference, only need to change the body center of gravity forward or backward to control the running speed and state, is a self-discipline running, autonomous movement.

2. Comfort and correct posture

 The innovative patented curved treadmill design effectively improves the comfort of the ankle joint and reduces joint effects. When the runner runs on a curved unpowered treadmill, the human body actively uses the big toe, and the big toe directly connects the “deep front muscle fascia” to start the whole body operation, helping to improve the exercise effect (equivalent to twice the ordinary treadmill). At the same time, it plays a role of stability and coordination, and long-term training can effectively correct the running posture.

3. Shock absorption and long life

 The crawler belt is made of advanced composite material and incorporates a soft cushion and patented spring to meet the high service life requirements under heavy loads. Light weight, large bearing capacity, high shock absorption, no need for training shoes, barefoot.

4. Safety and low damage

 Compared with the traditional treadmill, the unpowered treadmill eliminates the running board. Only the crawler-type thick running belt, when the runner runs, the reaction force of the running belt is far less than the force of the foot, which can be a large degree. Reduce the damage to running on the knee joint.

5. Environmental protection · saving money

 Without the electric treadmill, the runner can exercise independently through the human body without using electricity, and it is low-carbon and environmentally friendly. Compared with the ordinary treadmill, it saves nearly 5,600 yuan in electricity every year. The track system consists of precision mechanical components, including the pulley and roller and belt system of the pulley system, which is smoother and safer, and the maintenance cost is close to zero.

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