The Best Combination Commercial Gym Equipment

  What is combination fitness equipment?
combination gym equipment

  The combination fitness equipment was first proposed by Guangzhou BFT Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd., which is a combination of different functional components. It combines multiple functions into one machine, which not only saves space, but also is cheaper than purchasing multiple single-function fitness equipment. The gym is mainly opened in the business district with a lot of people. These places can be described as insufficiency. Therefore, in recent years, the combination of fitness equipment has become more and more popular among gym owners, especially private education studios. To this end, Guangzhou BFT Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. has produced a variety of commercial gym combination fitness equipment, integrating a variety of functions in one.
  What are the classic combination fitness equipment?
Smith Machine and Functional Trainer.Smith Machine with Functional Trainer

  1. Smith Machine and Functional Trainer. This device has cable crossover training, squat rack, bench press, pull-ups, triceps rope down, biceps curl, neck back pull and many other functions.
High Pulley with Horizontal Pully Machine
  2. High Pulley with Horizontal Pully Machine. With high pulley, rowing and other functions. There are two models here, one is the Hammer Strength series, which is adjusted by the barbell. The other one is the ordinary weight.
Leg Extension and Seated Leg Curl Machine  
  3. Seated Leg Extension and Seated Leg Curl Machine
 spin bike and Elliptical Machine
  4. Spinning Bike and Elliptical Machine. As the name suggests, this BSE10 cardio device is a combination of a spinning bike and an elliptical machine. It has the fun of spinning bikes and can easily do elliptical movements like space walks.
Shoulder Press And Chess Press Machine
  5. Shoulder Press And Chess Press Machine. Both products are adjustable and can be used for flat bench press weightlifting and uphill bench press weight training.
  Of course, the combination of fitness equipment is far more than these, more equipment, please contact the customer service of Buffett fitness equipment. Let's take a look at the mutli use gym equipment.

Four Station Multi function machine  
  6. Four Station Multi function machine. rowing, high pulley, kicking, biceps curling, triceps press, etc.
Five station Multi function machine
  7. Five station Multi function machine

  8. eight station machine
nine station machine  
  9. nine station gym machine

  10. Crossfit  Frame training machine
Crossfit 360    
  11.  Crossfit 360 comprehensive training device, modular customization

Trx frame  
  12. A  TRX  training frame
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