Beginners should use 5 kinds of fitness equipment to exercise muscles

Fitness machines can become an effective way for beginners to strengthen their strength and muscles. They are safer and easier to use because they require less technology than other weights. Leg pressing machine, leg pulling machine, rowing machine and cable machine can increase the whole body strength.

Weight training machines are very useful for beginners because they do not require the same skills, flexibility and stability as free weights. With a little coaching, you don't have to be intimidated by unfamiliar equipment in the gym.

Using equipment can help your body become stronger and get ready for the next exercise. If you are a beginner in the gym or need to review, weight lifting equipment will usually be helpful for your guidance.

Lat pulldown machine

This sport exercises latissimus dorsi or latissimus dorsi, which is a large muscle group. It starts from the back near the armpit, extends down to the trunk, and reaches to the pelvis, in the shape of wings.

When doing this exercise, spread your hands wider than your shoulders, turn your knuckles up, and grasp the rod. When exhaling, pull the rod down to the chin level, tighten your abdomen, and put your feet on the floor. The lever returns to the home position. Avoid leaning back or using your hips or legs to push.

The bottom of the action should be the place where the elbow can no longer move down but not back. Be sure to squeeze your shoulder blades.

Leg press

For beginners, leg press is an easy way to exercise lower limbs, especially when you start to use horizontal (non inclined) press.

Before using leg press or any other instruments, be sure to start with a lighter weight until you are used to these instruments.

Different changes of leg press can emphasize muscles such as quadriceps or gluteus maximus, but the basic principle of movement is the same.

From a sitting position, place your feet flat on the platform and push your feet evenly while straightening your knees. When fully extended but not locked, hold the pose for a moment, then return to the starting position.

A key part of leg press is to remember to support your core muscles and breathe during exercise. As you exhale, stretch your legs while keeping your head and back flat against the seat.

Chest press

Beginners should consider trying chest presses. It provides tension throughout your range of motion, targeting your chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Beginners may get more from the equipment, because compared with bench press, it requires less effort to stabilize weight, and it is safer, because there is no risk of weight falling on them.

To use the chest press, sit with your back against the seat, grasp the handle, and keep your wrists and forearms straight. Push outward to straighten the elbow to full extension, but do not lock it. Pause at the end of the repetitive action, and then control returns to the starting position.

Leg Raise

If you want to do abdominal exercises, sit ups can be a waste of time. Leg raise is a better choice.

It looks like a chair without a seat. When you use it, you need to support it with your arms, and then face it with your back. At the same time, you need to lift your legs to the air with core strength, parallel to the ground.

Leg raise is a good way to exercise abdominal muscles, because it requires you to maintain stability through the whole core muscle group (including hip flexors) and use your weight to resist. This kind of exercise is especially beneficial to the lower abdomen.

Rowing machine

Rowing machine is another kind of full body exercise for beginners.

Before starting, be sure to adjust the machine to ensure that you are comfortable with the movement.

When you exercise, focus on building the right muscles for each part of the exercise.

To use the rowing machine correctly, sit on the seat and grasp the handle. Start by driving your legs, and then start pulling the handle toward you with your upper body (including your arms and back). Return to your starting position in reverse order, extend your arms, then bend your legs back and repeat.

If done correctly, rowers can help you increase strength and aerobic exercise at the same time by increasing heart rate and exerting tension on multiple muscle groups such as the back, core, legs and arms.

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