What we should pay attention to when we do fitness outdoor in winter?

 Actually it’s more recommended to exercise indoors instead of outdoors in winter because it’s too cold outside. But if you don’t have the condition to workout in a gym or at home, you’d better exercise after dawn. Because when we get up too early, though we can be conscious compulsively, our body is still cold in the process of starting. It’s easily to be hurt if we don’t start our fitness after warming up.

 Besides, before we do outdoor fitness in winter, we must do a good job in keeping warm, otherwise in the sweat dripping fitness stimulated by the cold wind, It’s very easy to catch a cold.

 We should make four good choices before we exercise in winter. Firstly, we need to choose suit clothes. We should wear warm clothes and proper shoes for our fitness. Secondly, choose a good fitness activity. Generally it’s better to choose an activity that can exercise our four limbs well. The third thing is to choose a good sports ground. Do not exercise in a place with dirty air or with thick mist. Lastly, we need to choose a suit time for exercising, it would be best not too early or too late.

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