Choose the Right Commercial Gym Equipment for the Work Place

 Should I buy home  gym or commercial  gym equipment? Or free weights? Or purchase a cardio equipment such as a treadmill or a spinning bike?

 For a newbie, it is hard to decide.

 That is why I write this guide to help the average men to find the right type of exercise equipment for their workout programs. After reading this guide, I’m sure you will be able to decide what is the best fitness equipment for you.

How to Choose Exercise Equipment

 ►Determine gym space limitations.How much total space do you have for your gym’s building?

 Once you know how much room your gym has for fitness equipment, you need to consider what kinds of equipment you are looking to provide in your gym. IHRSA research shows that, of total possible space for gym equipment in fitness-only gyms, the following amounts of space tend to be split up between strength, cardio, and group exercise: about 47% strength equipment, 33% cardio machines, and 20% group exercise.

 Many corporations have discovered the benefits of keeping their work staff healthy.  Studies show that individuals who work out regularly show increased energy levels, increase in their overall work production, and prove to be a positive role models for other employees.

 Companies looking to provide a healthy, positive workplace for their employees but have yet to take the “corporate wellness” plunge should carefully consider the commercial fitness equipment they choose for their facility.


 ►Finding the Right Type of Fitness Equipment

 Fitness equipment such as treadmills, rowing machines, stair steppers, elliptical trainers all allow for better cognitive health as well as building muscle strength.  Flexing of the muscles has a positive effect on the brain and increases cognitive thinking.  Strong cognitive thinking is not only important to the employee; employers like it too.


 A corporate fitness facility is only as productive as its equipment.  If the equipment is not in good working order it will ultimately not be used.  Employees will get frustrated and find it difficult to complete their workout routine and could get discouraged.  When fitness equipment is in good working order, easy to navigate, and proves reliable, employees will exercise regularly and look forward to their next work out.

 ►Maintenance & Repair

 No one likes to call in service repairs on fitness equipment.  Most of the time maintenance is required because the wrong type of equipment was selected for the facility. The most common example is when standard home quality equipment is used in an environment where high-quality commercial equipment should be used.  High-end quality equipment can easily tolerate repeat users and abusers and continue to maintain its durability and dependability.  It’s important that you understand how your equipment will be used before deciding what type of equipment you’ll buy.

 ►What Next?

 Because corporate fitness facilities are so vitally important to company work production and to maintaining good health with employees, it is important to understand the fitness equipment needs to be of good quality and durable.  Consider consulting a fitness equipment expert who is knowledgeable with the corporate fitness facilities themselves, as well as the machines that will best accommodate excessive use.

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