How to use the fitness elliptical machine

The fitness elliptical machine is a kind of exercise equipment that simulates walking, running and cycling. It can effectively exercise the whole body muscles and cardiorespiratory function. Its advantage is that it can reduce the impact on the joints, and it is suitable for people of different ages and fitness levels. Here are the ways to use the fitness elliptical machine:

1、Before using it, check whether the equipment is in good condition, and adjust the height and position of the seat, pedal and handle to suit your own size and comfort.

2、Stand on the pedal, hold the handle, keep your back straight, look ahead, and do not lower your head or bend your waist.

3、Start to rotate the pedal and handle slowly, and let your body adapt to the rhythm and intensity of the exercise. You can choose different resistance, speed and time settings according to your own preference and goal.

4、During the exercise, pay attention to breathe evenly, and do not hold your breath or gasp. You can judge whether the exercise intensity is appropriate by using a heart rate monitor or your own feeling. Generally speaking, the exercise intensity should be between easy and slightly strenuous, and the heart rate should be between 60% and 80% of the maximum heart rate.
5、After the exercise, gradually reduce the speed and resistance, and do some relaxation and stretching movements to avoid muscle soreness and injury. At the same time, replenish water and nutrition to restore physical strength.
The fitness elliptical machine is a simple and effective way of exercise. As long as you master the correct way of using it, you can enjoy the fun and benefits of fitness.

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