Fitness equipment company's gym case

 Today, I would like to introduce a client from Myanmar. It is a beautiful coastal city with tropical scenery.

 They were very friendly and from the beginning, he chatted with me over the internet. We had a great chat and he said he was planning to open a gym in Yangon, Myanmar and wanted to buy Chinese fitness equipment.

 I helped him configure the gym equipment, provided some solutions for his gym, including gym size and layout, and sent them a 3D gym design. My colleagues also gave them some advice on starting a gym and some proper exercise equipment.

 He thought our service attitude was good and he really wanted to work with us. I invite them to visit our factory in China. Before they come, I work out the best route for them.

 After visiting our showroom, he praised the layout of our showroom and felt that our showroom was not only large, but also very clean and well-proportioned.

 At the same time, they feel that our products are of good quality, very good, and the choice is wide, giving them a lot of options.

 They eventually chose to work with us and purchased a lot of our multi-functional equipment, treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, plate loaded, hammer powered equipment, and more station gym equipment and other accessories.

 From ordering to delivery, our colleagues do their best to ensure timely delivery.

 Some time ago, their gym opened and was very happy, invited us to visit and gave us lots of pictures of their gym. Their gym has been refurbished.

 Here, I hope their business is booming, auspicious, and fitness is getting better and better. Looking forward to our next cooperation.


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