How do we choose home gym equipments?

 Nowadays, People are more and more aware of the importance of exerciseas.But for some reason, there is not much chance to go to the gym to exercise. Therefore,more and more people choose to exercise at home, and home gym equipment becomes more and more popular. At home, it saves time and avoids bad weather.Using fitness equipment at home can help us to exercise better. But there are so many types of home gym equipment, how do wechoose to buy at ease, safe, good value home gym equipment?

 To buy home fitness equipment, we must first consider the needs of family members, the purpose of exercise,physical condition; followed by their own housing conditions, economic conditions, which are taken into account after the selective purchase. So how to choose home gym equipment for their own equipment, something advices about buying home gym equipment.

1.Consider the size of their own house

 Consider their own housing conditions, that is, placing space for gym equipment; we have to create a suitable home gym according to their own housing environment, most people occupy the family gym area probably about 5-10m² area, therefore, according to Most people's needs, planning the gym area occupancy area in advance, and assessing the area occupied by the purchase of gym equipment, in order to maximize the use of gym area of space, if the planned out of space is not enough to put all your plans to purchase Equipment, then you have to think about whether to streamline your equipment or expand your gym area.


2.The function of Home gym Equipment

   Home gym equipment are generally divided into two categories, one aerobic gym equipment, such as treadmills, etc., mainly to enhance heart and lung function;

   First, anaerobic fitness equipment, such as the muscles of the Rally and other power equipment.Before gym equipment, the purpose of first look is to exercise the muscles, or lose weight, or to enhance heart and lung function. If gym for the purpose, you can choose multi-functional gym machines, multifunctional projects include boating, pedaling, waist rotation, a variety of strength exercises, massage and other functions can be integrated exercise arm, leg, back and chest and abdomen muscles, It has a significant effect on the overall improvement of physical gym. For those with poor physical gym and with limited mobility,they can choose to wear stationary exercise bicycles, treadmills and rowing machines. These three types of equipment are slow endurance sports machine which can be used to exercise to improve cardiopulmonary function and leg strength.

3.The size of Home gym equipment

 gym equipment size is the first factor to be considered,if you buy home fitness equipment placed at home, no matter how good the function does not come out. In the end, the fate of gym equipment is likely to give away,or with a variety of debris stacked together. Treadmills, the size of a large and small, large need two or three square meters of place, a small less than half; slightly worse housing conditions, consumers can choose a single functiongym equipment. Such as: gym bikes, rowing and so on. After use these devices can be stuffed under the bed or on the balcony.


4.Consider the needs of family members

   If you want all ages, then the most suitable is the elliptical machine.Treadmills belong to the common home fitness equipment,the use of strength is undoubtedly larger,which requires exercisers have a good body.However, for the elderly at home,it undoubtedly posed a great challenge to them.The elliptical machine,it can not be weaker than the treadmill exercise, and the risk of knee injuries is much smaller than the treadmill.Elliptical machine is a good cardiopulmonary exercise equipment, so it is sought after by many middle-aged and elderly. Elliptical ramp design, resistance-resistance adjustment, well-organized exercise patterns and the ability to workout on the muscles of a lower extremity make it an exercise machine found in professional gyms and family living rooms. Relative to the treadmill to increase the intensity of the main way is to increase the slope and speed,elliptical machine to increase the intensity of the main way is to increase the resistance. Of course, elliptical machine is not only suitable for the elderly, but also for all kinds of people.

5.Choose the home gym equipment targetedly.

 Targeted here, refers to the focus of your gym program, is to reduce fat or increase muscle.If your focus is on reducing fat,then the priority of aerobic equipment should be on the front.if your focus is to increase muscle,then you should put your budget on anaerobic equipment and nutritional supplements above.Of course,neither muscle nor fat loss, we can not only a single aerobic or anaerobic exercise,any gym program, the two types of exercise are isolated from each other is not conducive to progress,so here we are Speaking of pertinence, just to achieve a reasonable distribution effect.


6.Grasp the balance between price and quality.

 In any market, high quality products,the price is bound to high,and low prices of products,the quality will decline,high quality and low prices,then the purchase of home gym equipment in the process is the same reason, so the price And quality,we must take a good balance,try our best to choose the best quality,the price is not unacceptable,because the home gym equipment will increase with your level, then there may be replacement, so the price is too high ,The future real value of the decline, and the price is too poor, the quality will certainly be affected, which indirectly affect your gym results.In other words,we want to choose as much as possible superior product cost-effective.For young people, strength training and muscle training are essential,you can buy a few small barbells. In addition there are some simple, practical gym equipment such as tensionspring, dumbbells, rope skipping and so on.

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