Georgian Customers Opens A Gym With BFT Fitness Equipment

 Customers from Georgia have purchased a large number of fitness equipment in our company. They opened a gym named World Fitness in Tbilisi, a prosperous area and convenient transportation.


Coaching team:

 The youngest but experienced fitness trainer with the World Fitness Team includes aerobics, boxing and fitness.The projects are also varied: aerobics, aerobics, Zumba, Pilates, aerobics, etc.

Georgia Gym

 And for different seasons, we will launch a corresponding group training exercise, such as summer aerobic exercise.Zumba dance and so on. Provide 24-hour fitness instruction as long as you want to keep fit. Massage team, after your intense fitness exercise, we also provide massage to relax.


Unmatched training environment:

 We have purchased a large number of fitness equipment from Guangzhou BFT Fitness Equipment in China, including treadmills, exercise bikes, spinning bikes, strength fitness and comprehensive training equipment, etc.

Unmatched training environment

 It can be said that it is a well-equipped fitness equipment that you want. Have. And our professional coaching team will develop fitness plans for you based on your needs, whether you want to do aerobics or muscle exercises.

 muscle exercises equipment

Fitness meal:

 After exercise, we need to provide the body with appropriate nutrition. We provide fitness meals here to ensure a balanced exercise and nutrition.After 20-30 minutes of exercise, you should get protein and carbohydrate foods. This is the only case where you can get carbohydrates with high glycemic index, ie fast carbohydrates.

Exercise after exercise carbohydrates

 The amount of carbohydrates is about 60-100 grams.

➡ Carbohydrate products: ❗

Barley (Perlovka)
Oats (Hercules)
Pasta (semolina)
Bread (collection of wheat)
Juice (fresh juice)

Food additives after exercise

Food additives after exercise

 Once you complete your exercise, you need to get a 5-8 g BCAA or a ginger protein mixture. So if there is no food after exercise, you will be able to rapidly increase protein synthesis three times.

 Protein also promotes the secretion of anabolic hormone insulin and the recovery of body muscle tissue.The required amount of protein is 20-30 grams.

Georgia gym equipment

Exercise Bike

Exercise Bike

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