What Gym Equipment Is Required In Hotel Gym

A list of commercial fitness equipments in a star hotel gym, including treadmills, spinning bikes, exercise bikes, single-function Plate Loaded series, etc.


The equipment numbers in the figure are:

1.High Pull Machine
2.Leg Extension
3.Biceps Exerciser
4.Back muscle trainer
5.Multifunctional weightlifting chair
6.Dumbbell flat bench
7.Two-tier dumbbell rack
8.Rowing Machine
9.Seated kick Machine
10.Abdominal Machine
11.Seated chest training
12.Butterfly Machine
13.Seated Leg Curl Machine
14.Lower Inclined Weight Table (Inclined Bench)
15.Luxury Single Station Comprehensive Trainer
16.Elliptical Machine
18.Upright Exercise Bike
21.Horizontal bench press
22.Upper Stool Bench

Yoga room gymnastics room of course also includes yoga ball yoga mats and other accessories.For more information about the list, please contact us.

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