How to improve the physical quality of men?

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 Once in the fitness industry a big coffee that such a word, if only let me choose a exercise, I will choose squatting.

1. squatting

 Squat is not only exercise quadriceps, after the muscle and calf muscles, but also can stimulate your upper body muscle growth. Whether you want to increase the volume of muscle or strength, or thin body weight squat is the first choice.

Squat rack

2. hard pull

 Lower limb exercise can make the body produce androgen, and squat and hard pull the maximum amount of androgen produced by other training can not be compared, hard pull is second only squatting gold action!

3. lying push

 Lying on the practice of upper limbs, especially the chest of gold action. General gym is the highest rate of equipment is the bench press. It can promote the men's strong chest muscle, which is a lot of men to pursue the perfect choice of the perfect chest.

4. pull up

 Pull up the body is difficult, some muscle blocks are not a lot of bodybuilders do up to pull up, a lot of people just fitness or fitness while not take the pull up. Here to provide a reference to the proposal, whether to do, whether it is jumping up, or climb up, anyway, the first person to the highest point, how long to keep long, maybe you fall off a second, it does not matter, You can always stay, and then start from the bottom up!

Pull Up Trainer

5. barbell boating

 Barrel rowing is recognized as the best effect of the development of latissimus dorsi muscle, the fastest, most commonly used training one of the action, the use of this action can effectively stimulate the latissimus dorsi muscle. The boating will concentrate on your upper limbs and bring super growth to the back!

 In the gym, you can see a lot of recommended methods. Dumbbell or barbell, sitting or standing, no matter what kind of recommendation will give your shoulder to bring unparalleled excitement.

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