How to lose our weight in a proper way by exercising?

 People usually divide exercise into aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. The core of aerobic is body fat percentage while the core of anaerobic is building muscles.

 For people who want to lose weight, it is more effective to do aerobic exercise than to do anaerobic. But if you want to shape your body in a long term, you'd better add strength training to your daily exercise plan so that your body fat will not get rebound.

 So how to choose a appropriate fitness way for ourselves?

 First of all, we need to know the four principles below before we choose a exercise way.

 The first principle is to do all-round exercise. If we want our exercise to be effective, in the process of exercise, we should mainly rely on the oxidation and decomposition of fat to produce energy, so we should choose all-roound aerobic exercise.

 Second is to do all-round aerobic exercise for a long time. Because our fat burns after our body's sugar works out which needs about 20-30 munites. So we should keep our fitness for about 30-40 munites.

 The third thing is to find a exercise we enjoy which is very important. Because it's a little boring when we do all-over aerobic exercis, it's hard to stick if we don't choose an exercise activity we like so that we always fail to meet our needs of being healthy and being thin.

 Last but not least, we need to choose safe one, expecially for those who are fat because of their heavy body and weak ability for exercise. Anyway, everyone should make progress gradually when exercising, and don't do too intense exercise all at once just because of the desire to lose weight, otherwise, it is easy to cause joint damage.

 There are various exercise ways in the world. We need to find a way suit for ourselves so that we can lose weight effectively.

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