The difference between straight bar barbell and W bar barbell

  • Straight bar barbell

  • W bar barbell

 Straight bar barbell is the most common barbell we use for exercise. There is another kind barbell is used curved barbell, which we call W bar barbell.

 So what's the difference between the two barbells? For exemple,in the same circumstance, we can lift more weights by using straight bar barbell than using W bar barbell. That's because when we use straight bar barbell to lift weights, our strength is focused on the short head of our biceps and it is in the position that easily to make strength. On the contrary, using W bar barbell is mainly to exercise the long head of our biceps and it's not easy to make strength in this position. So the different positions of exercising can help the two heads of our biceps to be more strong if we use the two barbells exercising at the same time. 

 When we train our muscles, straight bar barbells are more likely chosen by us for exercising our greater pectoral and deltoid by prone push and shoulder press.But if we use straight bar barbell to exercise,there is one thing we need to keep in mind: Nonstandard movement or too frequent exercise can easily lead to wrist injury.

 Relatively, we can use straight bar barbell and W bar barbell do the same exercises, for example, barbell squat and barbell rows. In a word, it's not difficult to find that straight bar barbells are widely used in gym because we can use them to train all parts of our body, especially to help us train with heavy weights. W bar barbell can protect our wrist when the exercise angles change and it's suit for shape our arm muscles. It seems like the two exercise ways can have different effects for our muscles so it's better to exercise with both two barbells at home. If we have to choose the only one, I recommend the straight bar barbell.

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