How to ride a spinning bike in the gym

Spinning bike is a very popular fitness exercise, it can effectively exercise the cardiorespiratory function, reduce body fat, shape the lower limb lines, and enhance strength and endurance. However, if you do not master the correct riding posture and method, spinning bike may also cause harm to the body, especially to the knee and waist. So, how to ride a spinning bike in the gym to achieve the best effect? Here are some basic points.
1、adjust the seat and handlebar

Before starting riding, first of all, according to your own height and comfort, adjust the height and position of the seat and handlebar. Generally speaking, the height of the seat should be equal to your hip joint, so that you can straighten your legs when pedaling but not overstretch. The front and back position of the seat should make your knee vertical to your ankle when it is at the front, so as to avoid excessive pressure on your knee. The height of the handlebar should be slightly higher or level with the seat, so that you can keep your upper body stable and not too leaning forward or backward. The front and back position of the handlebar should make your arm naturally bent when holding the handlebar, which can reduce the burden on your wrist and elbow.
2、 choose the appropriate resistance and speed

In the riding process, according to your own physical strength and goal, choose the appropriate resistance and speed. Resistance refers to the adjustment device on the spinning bike that simulates different terrain and difficulty, which can make you feel more or less friction. Speed refers to the frequency of your pedaling, that is, how many revolutions per minute. The combination of resistance and speed will affect your exercise intensity and effect. Generally speaking, the greater the resistance, the slower the speed, the more inclined to anaerobic exercise and strength training; the smaller the resistance, the faster the speed, the more inclined to aerobic exercise and endurance training. Of course, you can also switch between different resistance and speed according to the instructions of the coach or music, to achieve intermittent training effect.
3、Master the correct posture and movement

In the process of riding, it is necessary to master the correct posture and movement to ensure safety and efficiency. There are four basic postures for spinning bicycles: sitting flat riding, sitting climbing, standing flat riding, and standing climbing. They are respectively suitable for different stages and purposes, and can be selected and switched according to one's own needs. Here are the key points of the four poses:
Seated Flat Ride: This is the most commonly used position and is suitable for the warm-up, aerobic phase, and recovery phase. The upper body is required to be straight, hold the first or second position of the armrest with both hands, tighten the waist and abdomen, relax the shoulders, clamp the body with the elbow joints, do not abduct or buckle the knees, step on the forefoot, and maintain a circular motion .
Seated Hill Climb: This is an increased difficulty position, suitable for simulating uphill sections or for strength training. It is required to move the body's center of gravity forward while maintaining a sitting posture, hold the third position of the armrest with both hands, increase resistance, use the buttocks and thigh muscles to maintain stability and not swing from side to side.
Standing Flat Ride: This is an advanced position for increasing the efficiency and intensity of your aerobic workouts. It is required to raise the body slightly from the sitting position, hold the second or third position of the handrail with both hands, keep the upper body stable without leaning forward or backward, use the muscles of the thigh and buttocks to maintain a circular shape sports.
Standing Hill Climb: This is the most difficult position and is good for simulating a steep climb or for extreme training. It is required to move the center of gravity of the body forward on the basis of riding flat from a standing position, hold the third position of the handrail with both hands, greatly increase the resistance, use the quadriceps to exert force, and keep stable instead of swinging from side to side.

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