Losing weight is more than aerobic exercise. It is more obvious to burn fat by anaerobic exercise

Many fitness beginners have misunderstandings about losing weight. They think that they only need to choose aerobic exercise or run regularly to lose weight. If they persist for a few months, their bodies will naturally lose weight, and they will ignore anaerobic exercise. What Tezewa wants to say here is that weight loss can be carried out by running and aerobic exercise, but if combined with anaerobic exercise, it can greatly help weight loss.

Why do you say that? Let's walk slowly for everyone.


Help break through the weight loss platform

Simple aerobic exercise can lose weight. It is important to know that as long as it is exercise, the body will improve metabolism, accelerate calorie consumption, and then burn fat and reduce body fat. However, if there is a single way of aerobic exercise, such as running to lose weight all the time, our body will slowly adapt to the so-called weight loss platform period, when the weight loss effect is not obvious, many people will give up and then their weight will rebound rapidly.

Therefore, we can do anaerobic exercise for 20 minutes before aerobic exercise. First, we can increase the intensity of exercise and break the platform period; Secondly, the body can be fully mobilized, and the fat burning effect is greatly improved.

Avoid the distress of flabby skin

It is a boon for obese people to avoid the distress of flabby skin. When people with large weight lose weight, they lose fat too quickly, and their skin will be flabby. If we increase anaerobic exercise strength training, we can reduce fat and increase muscle mass, which can effectively avoid skin relaxation.

Fairies don't have to worry that strength training will turn you into "King Kong Barbie", because to achieve a muscle scale like professional bodybuilding, it doesn't mean that you can be trained only by strength training at the stage of fat reduction. And through reasonable strength training, girls can be more compact, more curved and more beautiful.

To sum up, when losing weight, single aerobic exercise will make the effect worse, while if combined with anaerobic exercise, it can make losing weight smoother.

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