How to layout your gym with an area of 500㎡

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layout the gym


How to layout the gym:

1.A fitness room with internal equipment should be used for cardio-pulmonary functions (fitness bikes, treadmills, rowing machines) and muscle exercises (weightlifting equipment). It can also include equipment for stretching exercises and healthy dance classes.

2. Spacious and comfortable dressing room, water-filled shower and toilet. These places should be kept clean from time to time.

3. Sauna, steam room, hot and cold water massage pool and solarium for relaxation nerves.

4. Lounge and beverage service.

5. Massage parlour, beauty salon and hairdressing room. These devices can generate considerable revenue.

6. Reception, office and storage room.

7. The larger fitness center can include squash courts, tennis courts, swimming pools and games rooms (table tennis and billiards).

 The fitness center equipment must be of good quality, properly maintained and repaired. Cheap equipment is easily damaged and causes dissatisfaction. BFT equipment is sold at home and abroad, and has won the support and trust of many customers. We help customers from the initial gym to successfully help customers build gyms. In the process, we provide 3D design free of charge and provide customers with one stop service.Therefore, our company has won a lot of trust.

layout the gym

Below is BFT's detailed list of fitness equipment for 500㎡ gyms.

The total area is 500 square meters

These machines are divided into:cardio machine,single function/muti-function and free power machine.

Cardio machine:

name Quantity/set name Quantity/set
Treadmill 10-15 Elliptical machine 3-5 sets
Horizontal exercise bike 2-4 Vertical exercise bike 2-4
Spinning bike 15-25 Rowing machine 1-5


Single function / multi-function machine:

name Quantity/set name Quantity/set
Push chest trainer 1 Butterfly trainer 1
Shoulder trainer 1 High back trainer 1
Stretching leg,leg trainer 1 Squat leg trainer 1
Low pull trainer 1 Biceps trainer 1
Hip trainer 1 Leg bend trainer 1
Leg bending trainer 1 Abdominal trainer 1


Free power machine:

name Quantity/set name Quantity/set
Dumbbell set 1 Multi-functional training stool 1
Abdominal plate 1-2 Dumbbell flat stool 1
45 degree belly back trainer 1 Big bird 1
Smith machine 1 Horizontal bench press 1
Upright bench press 1 Lower reclining 1


 Configuration details are for reference only. If you need more information, please contact us, we provide one-stop service for the gym. We are manufacturer.

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