Classification structure and use principle of fitness equipment

Fitness equipment can be divided into two categories based on function and use:cardio equipment and strength equipment.

Aerobic equipment refers to equipment that can improve cardiopulmonary function,burn calories,and reduce body fat,such as treadmills,spinning bikes,elliptical machines,rowing machines,etc.Aerobic equipment is generally composed of motors,transmission systems,control systems,display screens,etc.

Strength equipment refers to equipment that can increase muscle strength,shape muscle lines,and increase bone density,such as dumbbells,barbells,bench press racks,leg training machines,etc.Strength equipment is generally composed of steel pipes,steel cables,weight sheets,adjustment devices,etc.

The principle of use of fitness equipment is mainly to use the adaptability of the human body to external resistance or load to achieve the exercise effect.

The principle of using aerobic equipment is to change the heart rate and breathing rate by adjusting the speed and intensity of exercise,thereby improving cardiopulmonary function and endurance.Aerobic equipment usually has multiple modes and levels for users to choose from,such as manual mode,automatic mode,mountain mode,etc.

The principle of using strength equipment is to change the degree of muscle contraction and relaxation by adjusting the weight and frequency,thereby increasing muscle strength and volume.Strength equipment usually has a variety of angles and ranges for users to choose from,such as flat bench press,incline bench press,incline bench press,etc.

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