How to use the gym comprehensive training device

Gym comprehensive training device is a kind of fitness equipment integrating multiple functions, which can exercise various parts of the body and improve muscle strength and coordination. When using a comprehensive trainer, the following points should be noted:

Choose the right trainer and weight for you.

Different multi-trainers have different functions and target muscle groups. For example, the high-pull row trainer mainly exercises the back and arms, and the butterfly machine mainly exercises the chest and shoulders. According to your own exercise goals and level, choose the appropriate trainer and weight to avoid poor results or damage caused by being too light or too heavy. 

Adjust your posture and range of motion.

Before starting training, you should adjust the seat, handles, pull rods and other components to adapt to your height and arm length. Then check the range of motion in slow motion, starting from the starting point and stopping at the end point, to clearly confirm the positioning of the motion. Be careful to keep your body steady and not shake or twist. 

Control your speed and breath timing.

When training, the speed should be controlled, not too fast or too slow, based on the ability to match the ventilation rate. Generally speaking, exhale through the mouth when exerting force, and inhale through the nose when relaxing, so as to clearly know whether the ventilation is normal. Avoid breath-holding or deflation, which can cause blood pressure to rise or dizziness. 

Gradually increase the intensity and repetitions.

When training, you should gradually increase the intensity and frequency according to your own feelings and reactions. Generally speaking, do 8-12 times for each group of actions, do 2-3 groups for each part, and rest for 1-2 minutes between each group. If it feels too easy or too strenuous, you can adjust the weight or the number of times appropriately. Be careful not to overtrain or neglect rest. 

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