Using skills of spinning bike

 With the advantage of high consumption of calories, the spinning bike training is deeply loved by people who want to lose fat. The correct use of spinning bike can not only lose fat, but also avoid knee injury, especially when riding in standing posture.

 We should adjust the seat and handle of the bicycle when we are training. First, make sure the seat is stable, and then make your riding posture the most comfortable.

 1. Adjust the height of the seat to be level with the ilium. When the foot pedal is at the lowest point, the knee joint is in a state of slight flexion.

 2. Adjust the height of the seat flush with the handlebar. If you have a certain exercise experience, you can lower the handlebar to mobilize more hip muscles.But if your waist is lack of strength or you are a beginner, you can raise the handlebar and lower the use of strength with your waist.

 After adjusting the spinning bike, we will officially enter the training. Before training, we should pay attention to the following points:

 First of all, if you are a novice or a little heavy, try not to stand up and kick the pedals because standing up and kicking will put a lot of pressure on your knees. Coupled with high-intensity and fast-paced training, your knees are easy to hurt.

 Secondly, it’s no need to be worried that riding spinning bike for a long time will cause thick legs because it is a kind of aerobic endurance training, which can better train your red muscle fibers. The cross section of red muscle fibers is narrower than that of white muscle. Therefore, the more the red muscle fibers developed, the more compact and more linear the body will become.

 Finally, when riding, you should sink your shoulders and keep the stomach muscles in, paying attention to the rhythm of pedaling. It is not recommended to do some dangerous actions, such as leaving the handlebars with your hands, push-ups, shaking your body left and right, etc.Try to train following the exercise coach’s guidance.

 If you find that long-term aerobic exercise is a bit boring and can’t persist, you can try to participate in the spinning course. The lively environment and dynamic atmosphere will make you better participate in the training. Generally, aerobic exercise basically takes 1-2 months to see obvious results, so be sure to keep training.

 In addition, spinning is cushioned by resistance and pedaling. In fact, the knee does not bear much pressure. Therefore, spinning training has less damage to the knee than running.

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