The use of intelligent spinning bikes in the gym

 In order to adapt to the development of the society, the exerciser of the spinning bike can have better sports effects and scientific sports guidance, and increase the fun of spinning exercise. BFT Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. specially designed the smart bicycle system for the club. Intelligent upgrade of traditional spinning bike equipment from the aspects of user experience and coaching.

 BFT Smart Bike realizes the interconnection of bicycle and software by installing intelligent acquisition controller including speed measuring module, acceleration sensor and Bluetooth module on bicycle, realizing real scene teaching, virtual interaction, real scene roaming and teaching video. These are interesting and attractive.

 The Internet-powered bicycle design simplifies the manual operation of the display and panel, and operates with a lightweight LCD screen that retains only the most basic buttons on the panel. This design is not only beautiful, but also creates more space for the use of smart devices. It also makes the entire size of the spinning bike smaller and the user feels better.

Real teaching

 1. The students have fun riding, and the coaches can teach more easily.
  Powerful courseware creation function helps coaches import music material and corresponding live video to quickly generate personalized lessons.

 2. 3D dynamic cycling system, a variety of game scene selection, so that the gym seconds into a smart fitness center.
  Most of the game's environmental design takes the domestic and international tourist attractions as the bicycle race track. Make the player more enjoyable in the game while enjoying the scenery.

Virtual interaction

 Cool bike new gameplay, let the gym become a group of people.

 1. At the beginning of use, scan the body QR code with your mobile phone and let the car move for 5 seconds to enter the Internet game pk mode. After the exercise, you can check the game situation on the screen at any time, so that the results of the competition are truly based, and the sports and competition are perfectly combined.

 2.You can freely choose the game scene, mode selection and lap setting

 3.The automatic control system can accurately record the exercise intensity and exercise amount of the fitness user, so that the user can clearly understand the state of his own exercise, and the data after the exercise can also be viewed on the mobile phone.

Real-time roaming

 Pleasant body and mind enjoy the fun of riding!

 Students can experience the thrill of cycling in real indoor outdoor scenes, end exciting games, and hurry to participate in riding! Falling in love with the bike room is easy!

About smart spinning bike

 This is a complety video for you.


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