How do I buy fitness equipment for the Lebanese customer's gym?

 After collecting potential customers in the Lebanese market, Jessie was selected as a key customer by in-depth research and investigation. So she invested a lot of time and energy to collect all the information related to this customer, and also collected the key information. Product specifications and technical parameters of the customer's current shipments, as well as customer's supplier information, transaction price, shipping port, destination port, order cycle and order quantity, order amount, etc.

 After collecting all the information, I started to send a development letter to this customer. At the time, one email per day, the subject and content of each email were different, from factory introduction, product specifications, test reports, etc., but the customer never Just don't look back. Perhaps it is because I am very persistent. I set myself a goal and must win this customer. So I started a new round of emails, other customers' successful gym cases, other customers' gym operations and other information.

 Jessie finally replied to my email. From Jessie's email, I learned that he was going to open a gym with an area of ​​5,00 square meters and learned that Jessie didn't know how to layout the gym equipment, so I helped Jessie to make a complete gym. Operation plan, gym operation cost, gym staff management, gym design, how to place fitness equipment, help him choose fitness equipment, multi-function trainer, treadmill, spinning bike, exercise bike, dumbbell, barbell and other equipment, and layout Going into the gym design, I made a 3D gym map to Jessie. After reading the information about the fitness equipment I sent, I knew that I was very professional, and I continued to mail with me, and I gave him a quote. He did not bargain. Because I basically made a 5% discount to the price of the original supplier's transaction price, so the negotiation was particularly smooth, the customer decided to place an order very quickly, everything was confirmed with the customer, PI will soon return After signing, the customer quickly arranged the payment, and then I immediately sent an email to the customer, telling the customer that the payment has been received, and And thank him for his support and trust in our company.



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