What are the fitness equipment in the gym and what are the functions of the gym equipment?

There are many types of fitness equipment in the gym:

Commercial electric treadmill, Aerobic  bicycle (for the elderly), Spinning bike (young people), Seated chest press, Butterfly machine, Shoulder press machine, Cable Crossover, High Pully machine, Low pull Down, Seated Leg Curl machine, Seated Horizontal Pully, Abdominal trainer machine, Back trainer machine, Smith machine, Weight Bench, Incline Bench, Roman Chair, Adjustable Abdominal bench, Crunch Bench, Utility Bench, Olympic bar, Aerobic Step, Yoga mat, gym ball

Finally, the dumbbell area ------

Dumbbell stand, Weight  plate Tree, Dumbbell, Adjustable Dumbbell

What are the functions of the gym equipment?


 This device can exercise alone to the chest, if you can not grasp the barbell bench press and other complex movements, you can start to practice it, looking for pectoral force feeling; girls can also use it to lay the foundation for push-ups.


1. Adjust the seat height, so that the height of the grip on both sides of the chest along
2. Chest, shoulders back clamping, close to the back, keeping the posture release grip
3. Breath launched, Inspiratory reduction
4. Use diagram:

sport equipment

exercise machine

gym equipment

 High drop-down equipment is one of the most popular gym equipment, often see a lot of people lining up to practice. It simulates the upward force of the pull-ups, exercising to the entire back muscles. If you still can not do pull-ups, may wish to start from it.

How to use:

1. Adjust the sitting position, so that the grip is located above the top of the head
2. Adjust the front baffle height so that it firmly fixed legs
3. Grip grip, chest, first with the power of shoulder sinking start , Then pull down the grip 4. Exhale pull down, suction reduction
4. Use diagram:



pull down

ps: high pull different grip, grip width, will produce different training effects, it is recommended that you try more than a few grip, find the best hair back posture.


 Sitting and rowing are the same as the high drop-down exercises are the back of the instrument, but its trajectory and high pull-down are two different planes, which makes it more exercise to the back of the middle part of the muscles, can make the ditch deeper, back More three-dimensional muscles, both boys and girls should practice equipment.


1. Breathing chest, chest against the front baffle
2. Breathing pull the handle, exhale when the abdomen exhale, maintain a straight chest posture
3. Grasp the handle to pull the maximum amplitude, keep 1 -2 seconds, feel the squeeze of the back muscles
4. Use diagram:

gym machine

fitness machine

gym machine

 Most people are unbalanced in strength on the anterior and posterior sides of the thighs, which leads us to prioritize the use of stronger muscles during squats and less powerful muscles to exercise. These two devices can exercise the front and rear thigh muscle alone, so that your thighs more symmetrical, more balanced power.


1. Adjust the posture, so that the rotation axis of the instrument alignment knee position
2. Hands grasp the handle, tiptoe, straighten the thigh
3. Slow legs slowly restore, can not directly relax
4. Use diagram:

* Legs flexion and extension



leg press

Leg curled up


gym leg

ps: The two instruments are very similar in use, so in some gyms they are one-piece, with the ability to switch functions by adjusting the latch.

fitness machine

 In freehand training and barbell dumbbells training, it is difficult to specially practice the medial thigh and buttocks outside the muscles, but these two areas are girls will practice part. So you need to use leg leg & leg abduction device, its fixed track can help you better find the sense of power in these two areas.

How to use:

1. Adjust the latch position, so that the opening and closing of the legs as much as possible
2. With the knee inward or outward force, rather than using force to the legs
3. Slow legs to restore, can not directly relax
4. Use diagram:

Outer Thigh Abductor

Outer thigh abductor

Inner Thigh Abductor

Inner thigh abductor

ps: The two devices in the gym are usually one-piece, and its function can be changed by turning the bezel's position.


fitness machine

 Smith machine is a combination of equipment, it is not only used to exercise a muscle, by changing the action legs, buttocks, chest, back all can be practiced. It is actually a barbell based on the addition of a fixed trajectory, making our body more difficult to shake exercises. This can be more focused on the one hand, muscle force, on the other hand also more secure.

 There is no uniform way to use this device, depending on where you want to practice. The most common are the following two forms:

Smith squats


 Smith bench press

smith machine

Ps: Smith machine has vertical, inclined, three-dimensional track, the vertical track is the most traditional Smith, inclined track in the push barbell has a lateral resistance, muscle strength will be better, but the actual use of tilt and Vertical are all good. Three-dimensional Smith is added to the vertical track two horizontal rails, the barbell can move in a frame, it only limits the barbell left and right tilt movement, has been very close to the feeling of free barbell, the difficulty is relatively high.

 These are several types of gym equipment common. If you are the first to the gym, recommended service! must! Start with these fixtures. Because of their track is fixed, very safe, better able to help you find the sense of muscle power, is the most suitable training gym beginners.

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