How to set fitness workout plan bodybuilding as for beginners?

 Novice friends at the beginning of contact fitness, whether it is preparing for training at home, or go to the gym, in addition to private education, most have no direction, do not know what to practice, do not know the number of groups, the number of times and weight settings. I happened to be a very good friend asked me this question, so I lazy, for everyone, for him, this 4-week novice training program designed to allow everyone in the first month to effectively train the body for the future Training to lay a solid foundation!

Said in front

▼ 01. This plan is based on the equipment I went to the gym and may have limited training equipment. If you can go to a well-equipped gym, use different equipment such as barbell training. Also, we must not mind to consult some fitness "veterans", they are experienced, naturally do not mind pointing you one or two.

▼ 02. In the fitness to find out the meaning of some words, such as must understand the meaning of Repetition Maximum (RM), 1RM is in 1 action can lift the maximum weight, and can not move the second under; 15RM It is action that can raise the maximum weight under 15 and can not mention the 16th lower.

▼ 03.When training, please place all your attention on the training muscles and feel the tightness of the muscles instead of using the soreness as a training scale.

▼ 04. The following plans are divided into three days: Day 1 - chest, shoulders, triceps; Day 2 - back, biceps, abdomen; Day 3 - feet, waist, abdomen. Completed this 3-day training in one week, and is recommended to be conducted on the next day for 4 weeks in a row.

▼ 05. To lose weight friends, after each weight training 30 minutes with oxygen training; lean muscle friends do not.

Training plan

Day1. chest, shoulders, arms

parts movements frequency and weight group number rest
Chest Seat Chest Press 12RM 4 90sec
Chest Butterfly machine 12RM 4 90sec
Chest Incline bench 12RM 4 90sec
Shoulders Dumbbell Side lift 15RM 3 60sec
Shoulders Elastic Band 15RM 3 60sec
Arms Pulley triceps depression 15RM 3 60sec


▼01. Seat Chest Press

BFT-2008 Seated Chest Press Machine

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▼02. Butterfly machine

BFT-3002 Butterfly Pec Fly machine fly training

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▼03. Incline bench

BFT-2028 Incline exercise Bench

BFT-2028 Free weight fitness bodybuilding Incline exercise Bench olympic Incline Bench.China fitness

Day2. Back, biceps, abdominal

parts movements frequency and weight group number rest
Back Four Station 12RM 4 90sec
Back Seat Horizontal Pully 12RM 4 90sec
Back High Pully 12RM 4 90sec
Biceps Biceps Curl 15RM 3 60sec
Biceps Dumbbell reverse curl 15RM 3 60sec
Abdominal Crimping 20RM 3 60sec
Abdominal Lift your leg 15RM 3 60sec


BFT3082 Commercial four Station Multi function machine for gym


BFT-3082 multi station machine/ multi gym

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BFT-2007 Seated Hotizontal Pully,low pully exercise

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Day3.  Leg, waist

parts movements frequency and weight group number rest
Leg Seated leg curl 12RM 4 120sec
Leg Leg extension 12RM 4 120sec
Leg Leg press 12RM 4 120sec
Waist Side slab support 15RM 3 60sec


BFT-2014 Fitness Equipment-Seated leg curl

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BFT-2015 Fitness Equipment-Leg Extension

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