Fitness exercise should not be sudden impulse

It's not suggested that doing intensive fitness exercise at the beginning of fitness if we are not sure whether we can persist in or not. Because when we suddenly exercise intensively, it's more likely to cause muscle soreness as well as affect our endocrine in a few days.

As we all know, human body is like a precision instrument which balances the daily expenditure an intake of calories in a relatively stable range all the time. If we start doing intensive exercise and enhancing the expenditure of calories suddenly with no good training tecnique or good physical quality, it's easy for us to hurt our own body.

Regular moderate fitness exercise is very beneficial to prolong life as well as physical and mental health, but it is effective only when we do it oftenly and regularly. For example, it means a new start every time if we exercise with a interval of more than a week.

Fitness should not be a sudden impulse

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