How to exercise after the epidemic has passed

 The shock of novel coronavirus in 2020 brings definitely different concerns of health to the whole society, especially during the lock down period, many who hadn’t liked exercising before have put their exercise plan into their daily life.

 We always firmly believe that the coronavirus epidemic will become a thing of the past in the near future. But it’s no doubt that the epidemic, which has lasted for nearly a year or even longer, has deeply changed our lives.

 If we say fitness is an optional choice in the past for many people, then it will become a required choice from now on for most people.

 But now, covid-19 is still spreading globally so that it’s better to use fitness equipment to exercise at home for your family’s and yourselves sake.

 For example, you can choose the home use foldable treadmills of BFT Hot Sale Series for fitness. It is used steel frame so it’s very durable. The peak of the power can reach to 2P and the speed can reach to 12 km/h which can meet different people’s needs of running and help them enjoy the different feelings to exercise at home.


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