Tips for you start to exercise

 As the saying goes, sharpening a knife does not accidentally chop wood. The same is true for fitness. In the early stage of fitness, it is really possible to double the exercise effect by understanding some fitness tips and the selection and use of fitness equipment.

1. Best time for fitness

 Before you start fitness, you first need to know when is the best time for fitness. We recommend that the best fitness time for everyone is from 3 pm to 5 pm in the afternoon. Because during this period, your energy is in a more energetic state. It’s sure you can also have a morning training if you have enough time after you get up.

2. Choice of fitness equipment

 It’s also important for us to choose a good equipment for fitness. If you are a exercise novice, it’s recommended that you can use some free weights equipment to train your body rather than use some fixed weight-lifting equipment so that the training process will help you exercise your muscles well.

 We must understand eccentric training can make our muscles contract autonomously, so that our muscles will get most exercise. It’s also a good idea for us to prepare a pair of dumbbells at home to help us exercise at any time.

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3. Three actions that cannot be ignored in strength training

 When we do strength training, we must not neglect the three big movements, one is stretch, one is squat, and the other is bench press. These three big movements can help us exercise different parts of the body. Stretching can help us exercise our legs, squatting help us exercise lower limb muscles, and bench press can help us exercise our chest muscles.

 We should plan the specific times of every exercise actions to make our muscles get effective training, but remember that the training period should not be too long and the weights we choose should not be too heavy. The best way is to begin exercising with basic training methods.

4. Time to recover after fitness

 After we finish training, we must know how to let our muscles rest and let them have a time to recover. This determines how often your training time should be. It’s not recommended to do it everyday but to do it every other day after a few time fitness.

 It takes two days for some large muscle groups of our body to get a good rest, so that your muscle growth can become more effective.

5. Training time for beginners

 The best training time for beginners is 3 to 5 times a week. You can make adjustments according to your actual situation. Fitness is only a part of our life and we should find a most proper way to balance it with our other activities.

6. Standardize every action

 Every time we do training, we have to make every movement standard to meet our best need. For example, when do squats, you can do 15 times for one action, and you need to make every squat standard so that this action can bring you better results. We do not require the speed but the quality of the movement.

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