Correctly understand the benefits of strength training

Strength training

Whether it is muscle gain or fat loss, as long as it involves the fitness field, it is inevitable to carry out strength training more or less. Do you know what strength training is? What is the role of strength training?

Concept of strength training

Strength training can bring significant functional benefits to the body. Besides regulating health, it can also increase the strength of bones, muscles and ligaments, improve joint function, greatly reduce the possibility of injury, increase bone density, increase metabolism, and improve heart function.

Strength training is usually based on muscle training, which aims at specific muscle groups by increasing weight and matching with various exercise types and fitness equipment.

Strength training is mainly anaerobic exercise, so strength training usually produces lactic acid, and excessive lactic acid will limit the continued exercise. Regular endurance training can increase muscle adaptation, which can prevent the increase of lactic acid during strength training.

Benefits of strength training

It can bring stronger muscle strength, improve muscle tension, change appearance, increase endurance and bone density, and so on. Specifically:

1. Change your body 

Many people use strength training to change their bodies. Some surveys show that, with women as the interviewees, men who have been improved by strength training have the most attractive body types, such as male dog waist and inverted triangle. In terms of muscle mass, most men can develop a large number of muscles; However, women can't do it because of the lack of testosterone, but they can develop a strong, healthy body and get the same proportion of muscle strength as men.

2. Improve your health

Strength training also provides functional benefits. Strong muscles can improve posture, support joints better, and reduce the risk of sports injuries in daily life. In addition, after the age of 30, the average lean muscle will be reduced by 3%~5% every year. For the elderly, weight training can prevent the occurrence of sarcopenia, and even the muscles can recover some functional strength. Strength training is very helpful to metabolism and cardiovascular health. Research shows that resistance training can reduce the risk of metabolism and cardiovascular diseases.

3. Help lose weight

Strength training can improve basal metabolic rate at rest and increase fat burning efficiency during exercise. Compared with people who are taking diet control but not exercising or just doing aerobic exercise, it is easier to achieve the goal of losing weight if strength training is added.

4. Help control chronic diseases

Strength training can help patients with chronic diseases control their disease status. Studies have shown that strength training has a significant effect on blood sugar control in patients with diabetes.

5. Improve mood and promote sleep

Strength training can increase the production of endorphins in brain, and endorphins can improve mood and suppress depression. In addition, strength training can improve sleep quality and reduce insomnia.

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